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  • Homemade deodorant for sensitive skin
  • Moisturizing shampoo that doubles as a body wash
  • An easy facial cleanser that helps balance the skin

Plus get money saving tips for making the switch to natural skincare products.

Hi, I’m Nina

I believe you can create naturally beautiful skin with just a few key supplies (stored away in your tiny apothecary). No need to clutter your cabinets with every herb, essential oil and raw ingredient out there. Just a handful will do. Well, maybe two handfuls.

Tiny Apothecary is dedicated to clutter-free natural skincare.


Tiny Apothecary is dedicated to clutter-free natural skincare.

You’ll learn which supplies and ingredients are essential (there really aren’t that many) and cultivate a tiny apothecary that you can use to create naturally beautiful skin.

Plus you’ll get recipes and tutorials so you’ll know exactly what to do with your tiny apothecary contents.

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Get 5 DIY recipes for a healthier skincare routine