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10 Ways to Make Your Husband Feel Like a King

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I thought it would be fun to get a man’s point-of-view on this blog, so I asked a few guys what their wives do or say to make them feel blessed. After getting input from my husband, Dustin Riechmann, Justin Lukasavige and Tony DiLorenzo, I put together a simple, fun list that you can use to make your husband feel like a king every day of the year.

1. Initiate Sex Often

Both my husband and Tony were quick to point this one out. According to His Needs, Her Needs, sex frequently tops a man’s list of Top 5 Needs. Creating an intimacy lifestyle (having sex more than once per week) is a great way to meet that need.

If your husband usually initiates physical intimacy, change it up and start taking the lead.

2. Create a Peaceful Haven

Ok, those weren’t the exact words used, but making the effort to keep the house clean and cozy goes a long way. Men like walking into a clean house – it has a calming effect and allows them to unwind at the end of the day.

(Also, when my house is tidy, my attitude is way better because clutter makes me feel crazy. This may have a lot to do with why they like this. :))

3. Encourage His Interests/Man Time

Just as it’s good to get away and hang out with the girls every so often, it’s good for your husband to do that, too. Tony and Dustin both mentioned that they appreciate when they’re able to have time to pursue their interests and spend time with other guys.

4. Be a Beacon of Light

Many times I have noticed that my attitude sets the tone for the entire family. And guess how well that goes when I’m in a bad mood. Keeping your attitude in check and making the effort to smile and not complain makes you much more pleasant to be around. (Note to self, review this tip daily)

5. Dress to Impress

Do you ever use the term frumpy to describe the way you dress? I know I have. Take steps to change that! Confidence is sexy.

When you put effort into looking nice, not only do you feel more confident and attractive, but your husband notices and appreciates that you want to look good for him.

6. Pray for Him

Prayer is so important in any relationship. Pray for your husband every day. Ask the Lord to help him to become a more godly man, to give him wisdom as he leads your family. Pray for guidance and blessings for your husband. Ask him if there’s anything specific that you can pray for. This tells him what a special priority he is to you.

7. Affirm His Masculinity

I love it when my husband responds positively to something I do that’s distinctly feminine. Celebrate the differences that each of you brings to your marriage.

Remember to let him know that you value his masculinity. Dustin said, “let him know you appreciate the ‘manly’ things he does for you and for his presence as a strong husband and father in your household.”

8. Try His Hobby

While having time to be alone is a great thing for everyone, I think that many couples benefit from doing a lot of activities together that they enjoy. How can you serve your husband by doing this? Ask if there’s something you can do together that he really enjoys – and then do it without complaining.

9. Help Him Get Ready for Work

When I asked Ian what things I do or say that bless him, he immediately said that he appreciates those days when I make a special effort to get up with him and see him off, giving him the chance to  enjoy his morning.

If he gets up really early to go to work, you can always go back to sleep or have some precious alone time before kids wake up.

10. Offer words of encouragement

Tell your husband that you believe in him, that you respect him and that you truly value what he does for your family. Build him up!

Justin let me know the impact this has on him, “Anytime Christine says something to build me up, I always feel like I can take over the world.” Yes, it’s that simple.

Thanks guys for helping me put together this list!

Can you add anything to this list?