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After nine years of marriage and a ton of bumps in the road, I can honestly say that marriage can be fun, exciting and deeply fulfilling. And it happens by simple, intentional actions. Here are some of my favorite ideas for having more fun in your relationship.

21 Ways to Have More Fun in Your Marriage

1. Go sledding. Just the two of you. Or invite another couple for some great fun.

2. Sock wrestle. Who can get the other person’s socks off first? A huge thanks to our friends Megan and Justin for this fun game. Warning: you will laugh A LOT.

3. Hide and seek. The kids found this pretty purple rock and were convinced that I should love it. Ian decided to use it for a game. He hides it in my pocket when I’m completely distracted, and waits until I find it. He can usually tell by the huge grin on my face when I find it. Then I try to hide it in his pocket. Simple. Fun. Reminds me that I’m blessed.

4. Write love notes. And hide them in easy-to-find locations.

5. Read to each other. A good story or a devotional. This is quickly becoming a daily habit that I really enjoy.

6. Have mid-afternoon coffee dates. This is the time when the kids get to play on PBS kids for thirty minutes. Brew some goodness and enjoy some good conversation.

7. Dream together. What do you want to do together? Where do you see yourself in a year? Three? Get on the same page and work toward those dreams together.

8. Count the stars. Lie on a blanket outside together and wonder at the vastness and beauty of the night sky.

9. Volunteer. Give your time together for a cause that you both believe in. Include the kiddos, too.

10. Wash each other’s feet. We love giving each other foot baths. Fill a big bowl/wash basin with warm water and add essential oils if you like. Then massage your honey‘s feet with some oil or lotion.

11. Take turns planning special dates. Do this every other month or every other week. Plan something fun that you’ll both enjoy. And don’t forget to arrange for a sitter.

12. Encourage girl/guys night out. Friends are good to have and it’s fun to just hang with the guys every once in a while. We each do this twice a month and are both very grateful that the other encourages it.

13. Do a treasure hunt. Give your beloved love note clues that send him looking for a special prize. Whether that prize is you dressed in sexy lingerie or a bedroom all set up for a relaxing massage, he’s sure to enjoy the anticipation as well as the reward.

14. Treat him like a king. Like when you were dating. Act intentionally to make him feel like he’s still the love of your life.

15. Give massages. Perhaps the coolest thing about Ian being home so much now, is his willingness to rub my neck, feet or super-tight hamstrings with some lotion and essential oils. He knows that my love language is touch. And I know that he loves a shoulder or back rub as well. Set aside 30 minutes this week to give your honey some TLC.

16. Explore your community. Get to know the place where you live. Visit local shops. Enjoy the scenery. Hike in the wilderness. Take in your habitat together.

17. Embrace frugal. Can’t afford date night? It doesn’t have to be expensive. Want to take the kids on an adventure, but don’t have money? See what free events are in the area. Make it a game to see what fun free/cheap things you can find to do together.

18. Be hospitable. Do life with people you love. Invite your friends over for a potluck meal and enjoy the fellowship.

19. Smooch. A lot.

20. Have 7 days of sex. Because physical intimacy is an awesome gift.

21. Pray together. I can’t stress enough how good this is. Since we’ve started consistently doing this together, we’ve felt closer than ever. Make the time to make it a priority.

Do you have a lot of fun in your marriage? What tips can you share?