5 Simple Ways to Teach Kids About Natural Wellness

5 Ways to Teach Kids About Natural Wellness

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This is an updated version of a previously published post. 

My favorite thing about being intentional about my health is the way it leads to being more intentional in other areas of my life.

Marriage, mothering, work. It’s hard to make one a priority without realizing that others need intentional attention as well.

How do I practice intentionality with my health and calling and still make time with my kids a priority? Rather than putting one aside to focus on another (doesn’t work, I’ve tried), I think it’s best to merge them.

And, thankfully, there are a lot of creative ways to do that by involving my kids in what I do. So today I thought I’d take a look at ways to include kids in your natural wellness lifestyle.

I hope these ideas inspire you as much as they have me.

Plant an herb garden

This can be done inside in pots or outside in a small garden plot. Involve your kids in choosing the herbs, planting the seeds and taking care of the plants.

Let them have their own container of herbs or section in the garden.

Talk about the different properties of the plants and how you can use them to treat illness or maintain good health. (Calendula is a great one since it has lots of great properties and even I can’t kill it. :) ).

Use your senses

Learn about herbs and essential oils by using all of your senses. Check out some books on herbs or look online for information (with pictures of plants).

Quiz each other by covering up the name of the plant and identifying by sight alone. Or read a property and guess what plant it is.

Get some fresh herbs like lavender, mint, marigold (calendula) and basil. Memorize how they smell and taste.

For essential oils, take turns being blindfolded and identifying oils by smell. List the different properties that go with them. This is a fun activity for all ages.

Give a foot bath

My kiddos really love this one and it’s pretty simple. All you need is a pot of hot water (and cool water to make it safe), a basin of some kind and their choice of herbs and/or essential oils.

Let them choose the combination they like best and talk about the different properties. Example: calendula is a really soothing herb for your skin or lavender helps you feel calm.

Steep a handful of herbs (I recommend calendula, lavender or comfrey) in the hot water for fifteen minutes. Pour the water into the basin (strain the herbs if you want to) and add cool water until it’s a comfy temperature.

Add a drop or two of essential oil (I recommend wild orange, frankincense or lavender). Hang out with them as they soak their feet and then give them a little foot rub.

Explain that while it’s fun to play, it’s also good to rest. Let them see how much you enjoy pampering them and talk about why serving others is great for both parties involved.

Make remedies together

My kids love to help me with pretty much anything in the kitchen. Use natural remedies as a fun way to interact with your kids and teach them about ways to take care of themselves.

If you want an easy one to start with, try making some Arnica Balm or Sleep EZ tea. Let them help you measure, pour and stir. Younger kiddos can help you count out containers for the balm and take off the lids.

Empower them to treat themselves

Since teaching my kids more about herbs and essential oils, I’ve marveled at how they know when they need to use them. When my daughter has a cough, she knows to get the Breathe essential oil and put some on her chest.

Some nights, they ask for Sleep Ez tea. And my toddler loves putting lavender essential oil on his head before bed. (Thanks to these roll on bottles, I don’t have to worry about them spilling the oils.)

I love watching my kids make tea or apply essential oils. And I’m one proud hippie mama when they treat each other with their natural remedies.

It is easy to do all of this for them and not include them (trust me, I still struggle with this), but then they miss out on the joy of keeping themselves healthy and caring for others.

How do you teach your kids about natural wellness?




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