7 doTERRA Essential Oils: Giveaway Winner & Special Offer

Last month, I hosted a giveaway for 7 doTERRA Essential Oils: On Guard, Peppermint, Lavender, Melaleuca, DigestZen, Lemon and Wild Orange.

Essential Oil Giveaway

There were so many entries (more than ever!) and I just want to say thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway. I can’t wait to send this box of oils to the winner.

7 doTERRA Essential Oils- Giveaway Winner and Special Offer


Are you ready to find out who the winner is? Yes? Ok.

The winner is …

Ann Hauth-Arritola!

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Please contact me within 7 days to claim your prize.

Special Offer

In our house, illness is rare. And when it happens, it goes away. Fast.


We try not eat chemicals and instead focus on a diet of nourishing, real food. I’m also passionate about natural health, specifically doTERRA essential oils.

I love doTERRA’s products because I’ve seen such a transformation in my family’s health. Not only have we experienced a whole new world of wellness, but it’s also made everything so. much. simpler.

  • No more visits to the emergency room for things like ear infections and fevers.
  • No more hours spent waiting in the doctors office or at the pharmacy.
  • No more costly prescriptions.

I am so grateful for this transformation, you guys. SO grateful. And it’s my mission to help others save all this time and money. And, most important, I want to help families stay healthy.

I hate it when kids are sick when they don’t have to be. I hate it when they’re sick longer than they have to be. And I really hate it if I have the solution but don’t share it.

Which is why I talk so much about doTERRA and have a special offer for you today. :)

I think every family needs the Family Physician Kit and the Lifelong Vitality Pack. Both have made a positive impact on my family’s health.

And you can get them both in the Family Wellness Kit. (You can see it here.)

If you enroll with the Family Wellness Kit in November, I have a special gift for you:

7 doTERRA Essential Oils: Giveaway Winner and Special Offer

This awesome doTERRA keychain with empty sample vials that you can fill and take wherever you go (I won’t go anywhere without mine, especially places where we’ll be exposed to the latest bug). Plus a 15 mL bottle of Wild Orange essential oil.

Transforming your family’s health is simple. You just need the right tools.

If you’d like to order the Family Wellness Kit, contact me and I’ll help you get set up.

Also, be sure to check out doTERRA’s website to see the other great deals they’re offering this month, including a way to get the Lifelong Vitality Pack for free.



  1. Teresa Haro says

    Ann you will enjoy your oils so much. You will experience the great things Doterra has to offer.

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