Hi, I’m Nina.

I’m a simple living enthusiast with a hippie/wise woman bent. I love to DIY because it saves money and makes me feel all happy inside.

Nothing breaks up the everyday mundane like whipping up a homemade batch of soap … or yogurt.

Shalom Mama is where I share what what I’ve learned over the years with other moms who are just starting out with this natural living thing and feel a tidbit overwhelmed. Ok, really overwhelmed.

I’m also wellness author, intuitive designer and herbal crafter who has secretly always wanted to be the village wise woman. I live in Central Oregon with my husband, our four kiddos and Whiskey, our standard poodle.

If I’m not homeschooling my minions, you will find me either at CrossFit, drinking too many hot beverages or giggling at miniature horses.

In fact, I once giggled for three minutes straight after seeing a picture of a miniature horse wearing shoes called Reebucks.

This is pretty much my reaction any time I see a miniature horse and I’ve been known to slam on the breaks whenever I spot one while driving.

Seriously, I love those things.


All the things you didn’t know you wanted to know about me (or just 22).

1. Our family of six lived in a school bus for a year. Mind you, it was converted into an RV, but yeah. That’s a lot of people in a tiny space. And I loved it. Here’s proof.

2. I’m an INFJ on the Myers-Briggs. What are you?

3. I’m a Leo (like Leo sun and Leo moon). The mane gives it away.

4. I love personality tests and the zodiac because I believe they’re just a really great way to get to know yourself and connect better with others.

5. I’m all about connection.

6. I LOVE CrossFit. I’ve done lots of other activities, including yoga for a good stint, but nothing compares to CrossFit for me. It’s the shit.

7. I swear sometimes a lot.

8. I follow Jesus.

9. Sometimes I feel like a big contradiction.

10. I’ve been telling people I’m 29 for the last few years. Mostly because I’ve forgotten how old I actually I am. My kids remember, though, and are happy to remind me.

11. I have really awesome kids with really confusing names – Isaac, Eva (short e), Ella and Isaiah. I don’t know what we were thinking.

12. When I was in high school, I wanted two boys and two girls by the time I was 26. That’s what I got. Four kids in five years is a lot of work, y’all.

13. The youngest two of said kids were born at home.

14. I also love babies, though my reaction when I see them is a wee bit more controlled than when I see a miniature horse. Because it freaks out their parents.

15. We are all obsessed with Harry Potter.

16. My husband is a paramedic. But I think he should be a baker, because he’s sooooo good at it. His croissants … mmmmm.

17. I’m gluten-intolerant. So I can’t actually eat his croissants.

18. I can’t eat a lot of foods, actually. Thank you, Leaky Gut Syndrome.

19. I had Rickets as a kid. And Scarlet Fever. I was quite sickly.

20. I’m a healer and empath.

21. I’m a student herbalist. This place is amazing.

22. I grew up on an herb farm and thought herbalism was nonsense. Then my husband and I decided to get out of debt and I quickly found that natural remedies would save us a lost of money. They work. Crazy.