nina nelson - shalom mamaI’m Nina Nelson, a holistic wellness expert. A trained doula  and student midwife working towards my herbalist certification; I have spent countless hours researching, studying, and synthesizing the best of what natural wellness has to offer today’s families.

The mamas I work with are passionate about taking care of their families as best they can. They do more research than the average mom and seek alternatives because of it. They proactively prevent illness, rather than passively reacting to it. They invest in the tools that work because they know they’ll lead to long-term savings.

They trust their intuition because they know their families better than anyone.

I work with moms and families to increase happiness and wellness in their homes with simple, step-by-step, holistic methods. I empower parents to use natural, safe solutions for their family’s healthcare and create a healthy lifestyle that is unique to them.

You know that there’s more to health than conventional wisdom says there is. And if you have to say, “My kids are sick again this month,” you’re going to scream.

You know that a healthier lifestyle is the solution – you’re just so overwhelmed by all the information available. You need simple. You need sustainable. And you need it now.

Enter natural wellness.

Natural wellness means more than using natural solutions like real food, herbs and essential oils to maintain a healthy household. (Though, those are very important, of course.)

It means creating changes in your home, your habits and your relationships to create true wellness. Because while physical health is wonderful, what good is it if you’re an emotional wreck? Or if your house is a cluttered mess? Or if you aren’t connected to a community that truly cares about you?

Shalom Mama is all about a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. And the simpler the better.

Are you ready to make the changes you’ve been craving? Now is the time. And I’d love to help you.

To get started, I invite you to check out my ebook, Simple Family Wellness. It’s brief, but outlines several simple changes you can make for a healthier home. I’d love for you to have it – it’s free – because sometimes the hardest part about this journey is taking the first step.

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