What if there was a better way to nurture your family?

You know there is because you do more research than the average mom – you ask questions and just aren’t satisfied with, “Well, because that’s just the way things are done.”

Hence your draw to natural remedies and the desire to be your family’s herbalist.

Wise women have been using them for thousands of years to nurture their families and you want to put that ancient wisdom into practice in your own home.

There’s just one problem. This whole world of natural remedies is a bit … intimidating.

There are just so. many. herbs. Plus a number of ways to prepare them. And if you actually buy all the supplies and containers and other ingredients you’ve seen recommended, where are you going to put it all? Why does it feel like you need to take an advanced course in herbalism before you can even make your first remedy?

As it turns out, there is a better way. One that will leave you feeling empowered and confident instead of overwhelmed and unsure. One that will have you making your own remedies in no time.

Because you don’t have to be a professional herbalist to nurture your family naturally. You just need to take it one remedy at a time.

You and your website were my first exposure to natural living and your practical way of describing things made it easy to make the natural living leap. Thanks a million!

Imagine hearing your little one coughing from the next room and knowing exactly what you’re going to make to help. And whipping it up in a matter of minutes. That leaves a lot of time for snuggling on the couch because everyone knows that Mama has the magic touch.

When you become a member of the tiny apothecary community, you’ll learn simple ways to use natural remedies to nurture your family. Becoming your family’s herbalist doesn’t need to be complicated.

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Meet Nina

My healthy living journey began almost a decade ago when my husband and I decided to get out of debt. We cut expenses by making food from scratch, going natural and focusing on living more sustainably. When I discovered herbal remedies, I knew they would fit in nicely with our intentional way of living – they were non-toxic, affordable and effective.

And being able to handcraft remedies myself fulfilled my desire to nurture my family naturally. (I’ve secretly always wanted to be the Village Wise Woman.)

So I bought the ingredients, gathered supplies and combed the internet for tutorials. But soon the doubts crept in: Did I really know enough to do this myself? What if they didn’t work, especially when it came to helping my littles feel better? And did I really need all of this stuff to keep my family healthy?

Determined to figure it out, I read everything I could, tried recipe after recipe and sought wisdom from people who knew their herbal remedies. I made a lot of mistakes, like burning my herbs and stinking the house up for days, but they always taught me something new (don’t cook the herbs!).

Eventually, making natural remedies became second nature.

I learned how to tweak recipes based on what I needed and started making up my own. Soon, I discovered that not only could I use herbs to nurture my family, I could do so simply with a fraction of the ingredients I had originally purchased. What’s more, I’ve learned to trust my intuition as my family’s herbalist and feel fully confident in my ability to know what to do when the need arises.

Today, I pass on what I’ve learned so you can nurture your family naturally without the learning curve (or stinky kitchen).

If you need help getting started with natural remedies or you’ve been at it for a while but wish it were simpler, this is the right place for you. Check out my DIY Natural Remedies and get started now.

I have always wanted to try herbs and am a huge tea drinker (black), but your advice makes so much sense and seems so easy, I am excited to get started drinking better teas. Thanks for what you do…and for writing it down!

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One last thing …

I’m so grateful that you’ve stopped by and I’d love to know how I can serve you better. If you’d like, would you please let me know what questions you have when it comes to making natural remedies easier?