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Sometimes it can be overwhelming and expensive to fill a large wall with art. Either you get one huge piece or a bunch of smaller pieces. If you go the huge piece route the art/photograph can be expensive and if you have it framed it can be very expensive.

Personally, I like the inexpensive route. Right now gallery walls are very popular and can be done inexpensively. Depending on how you do it, gallery walls look good in every design style.

A gallery wall is a collection of frames grouped together to take up a large wall space.

Gallery walls can be: all the same type/size/color frame with different art, all the same type of art with different frames, and any other combo that pleases you.

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I decided to do a gallery wall in my son’s room. I’d seen many free printables online and other ideas of things I could make and really liked the way they looked.

I wanted the frames to be all the same color with the art (stuff in the frames) being the colorful objects.

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I started by gathering all the items I wanted to frame. I searched Pinterest and decorating blogs for ideas of things to frame. I found free printables, had a few photographs, used my son’s painted handprint, and did some other homemade things.

Once I figured out what I was framing, I made a list of what size frames and how many of each I needed. Then I started gathering my frames. I like to get most of my frames at Goodwill.

I can find ugly frames (and sometimes nice ones) there for only a few dollars each. So, for what I’d spend on a brand new one, I can sometimes get about 4 frames. You’ll have to visit a few times usually before you’ll find everything you need.

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When I look for frames I don’t look at what’s framed, I look at the frame itself. I’m looking for wood or plastic frames in good shape, because I’ll take them home and paint them. That’s what I mean by ugly.

I also pay attention to the shape or profile of the frame, because that’s what you will see when it’s painted.

When I get the frames home, I take everything out of them (glass included) and start cleaning them up. I either paint them with left over wall paint or spray paint. The quickest and easiest way is definitely spray paint!

I spray paint in my garage, because in Oklahoma it’s always windy and windy and spray paint are enemies, so the garage it is.

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Once the frames are painted and dry (let them cure about 24hrs) then the fun starts with matching art to frame and putting them all back together again. After that I lay them out on the floor and start playing around with arrangements until I find one I like.

I just start hammering nails into the wall eyeballing the placement but I’ve heard of others making templates with paper and taping it to the wall to get a more perfect placement. I’ve also heard of using Velcro strips instead of nails but I like old fashioned nails!

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Once they are up enjoy! This is a inexpensive project and can have great impact. Have fun with it!