3 Essential Oils Every Beginner Needs to Have

A few years ago, I knew nothing about essential oils. Ok, I take that back. I knew tea tree oil was supposed to be good for cleaning toilets, lavender had a calming effect and I really loved the smell of citrus oils.

3 essential oils every beginner must have. Plus a recipe for each.

Other than that, nada.

But then I invested in a starter kit because I wanted to start using them. Best decision ever. I fell in love with the oils as soon as I opened that first bottle of peppermint.

Instantly, I was taken back to summers on the herb farm I grew up on, where peppermint was the main crop. It was like harvest time in a bottle.

Now, I use essential oils all the time. Seriously, I’m a bit addicted (in a good way, really).

And recently, a reader asked me to pick just three oils to recommend to a beginner and tell a few situations you’d use them for. Challenge accepted.

1. Lavender

Lavender essential oil is well-known for calming. Did you know that it also soothes irritated skin? And that you can use it as a first aid treatment for burns, insect bites and scrapes? Plus it’s mild enough to apply topically without being diluted in a carrier oil.

Want a great recipe to use lavender essential oil in? How about this healing lavender mint lip balm?

2. Lemon

Think of lemon essential oil as the de-gunkifier of the world (in addition to being a great mood-lifter). It will get the gunk off of just about anything. Use a drop to get clay off your table, degrease dishes or get sticky sap off your hands.

And it’s not just limited to cleaning – it works wonders at detoxifying the body.

3. Melaleuca

AKA Tea Tree oil. It’s a potent germ killer, so it’s a great addition to DIY cleaners. Melaleuca is also a skin soother, particularly if you’re dealing with an itchy rash.

But did you know it’s also effective at helping the body heal itself? It works great on ear aches.

Lavender/lemon/melaleuca is my current favorite essential oil combo. It smells wonderful – the lavender is noticeable, but not overpowering. I frequently put the mix in my diffuser, my unscented dish soap and my DIY all-purpose cleaning spray.

Get oils + a few gifts

Now, you can find these oils from a number of places, but I highly recommend doTERRA essential oils. They’re high quality, effective and my go-to resource for keeping my family healthy.

I love them, y’all, and only recommend them because we’ve had way more great results with them than I can count.

Choose a starter kit

And until August 28th, the first 12 people to get a starter kit will receive a *free wooden box that will store up to 25 essential oils. (Better hurry, because I’m tempted to keep a few for my own stash. 😉 )

Plus you’ll get a free copy of my ebook, DIY Natural Remedies so you have some recipes to try your new oils in and a 30-minute wellness consult to help you map out a plan for using your new oils.

Want to get started? Here’s how:

1. Visit my website and choose your starter kit. There are a lot to choose from. I highly recommend the Natural Solutions KitHome Essentials Kit or Family Physician Kit. If you’re not sure which one to choose, contact me and I’d be happy to help.

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4. Email me. I love getting to know everyone who becomes a Wellness Advocate through me and I want to send your gifts as soon as possible. Plus, that’ll get you access to the private Shalom Mama Tribe even sooner and we can set up a time for your free wellness consult.

Eek! I’m excited and can’t wait to hear from you!

What questions do you have about essential oils?

*Boxes available to U.S. residents only. If you’re in a different country, I still want to give a thank you gift – but it will most likely be in the form of a gift card.


  1. Lori Sosa says

    Do you still have boxes available? My husband, 5-year-old and I are moving to Argentina next month and I’m trying to stock up on anything that I may need before we go! I already use oils almost in a daily basis and am always reading your posts to learn more! :)

  2. cynD says

    How are these oils different from “young Living” oils? I love them; however, I have not seen a distributor or some one to grow under for some sort of tutelage. Oils are amazing and have awesome property’s.. Just like GOD made them to help us.. sigh… I want some Oils and wouldn’t mind sharing the wealth of health knowledge as I learn more. My mother was a herbalist I learned some but, not enough fast enough. In put would be awesome. Thank you and Blessings on you and yours.

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