Break Through Writer’s Block (or How to Overcome Creative Hurdles)

Break through writer's block (or how to overcome creative hurdles)

I was ready to chuck my computer across the bus. It was Tuesday afternoon, and Wednesday’s blog post was nowhere close to being ready. Ok, I hadn’t even started it yet. But I had to get something scheduled for the following morning and I was out of ideas. Surely there was something I felt inspired […]

My Summer Reading List (and why I quit the blogging madness)

My Summer Reading LIst (and why I quit the blogging madness)

Once upon a time, I was a voracious reader. In a good week, I devoured three to four books, taking in chapters while kids were playing or sleeping (thankfully, I’m a pretty fast reader). Ok, sometimes I just couldn’t put my book down and I’d suddenly notice four sets of eyes staring at me, wondering […]