Simple Faith


I’ve simplified so much in my life and my faith is no exception. It’s a little sad, because my faith used to be so simple and fulfilling. But in my early twenties, it started to get more complicated. It became less about being and more about doing (As Gary Barkalow pointed out, I was waiting […]

Freedom in Surrender

We were in our raft, paddling through the rapids of the upper Deschutes river. The raft wasn’t responding to our efforts, so we started paddling even harder, willing it to go where we wanted it to. “No!” the instructor shouted. “Stop paddling harder. Stop, redirect and then paddle. More force is not the answer.” More […]

Be Careful What You Pray For

We miss you Pearl.

Leo Babauta and other minimalist bloggers have inspired me lately with their posts about being a one-car or no-car family. The man has six kids, surely a person with four could do it, too. The idea got stuck in my head and I approached (attacked) Ian with the idea. He said no. Despite the arguments […]

Prayer works

Sponsor a Child A week ago Ian and I went on a special date. We went to a concert and didn’t watch any of it. No, it’s not because we were making out. A few weeks ago I got an e-mail asking for Compassion International sponsors to volunteer at the booth they would have at […]