A Simple Homeschool Planner

A simple homeschool planner

A few weeks ago, I sat down to plan out our homeschool year. Our third is in Kindergarten this year, and our youngest is a preschooler now, so there’s potential for some serious confusion! As I planned everything out, I realized that my planner would need to be super organized, or I would just need […]

What’s That Smell? Using Scents for a Fun Learning Activity


Image by Savannah Lewis Today’s post comes from friend and parenting coach, Shelly Birger Phillips, of Awake Parent. The first three years of life are all about sensory development. We are born hearing echos and with fuzzy vision, but amazingly babies are able to reliably learn their mother’s scent in just three days. The study I’m referring […]

Beginning home discipleship


“Give me the youth, and Germany will rule the World” – Adolf Hitler (I love how right-on this quote is. We can imprint ANYTHING on a child’s mind.) I home school for many reasons. One is because, believe it or not, I not only love my children but I really like them as well. I […]