My Top 10 Essential Oils & How to Use Them


A few years ago, my Grandma bought her first essential oils – the Family Physician Kit from doTERRA. A month later, though, my mom brought me the box of oils and told me that my Grandma didn’t want them anywhere. Perplexed, I asked why. “Well, she doesn’t know how to use them,” she explained.

Crap. My bad. Lesson learned.

If I sell someone essential oils without explaining how to use them, I’ve done them a great disservice. (Which is why I offer such a huge amount of resources in the Shalom Mama Tribe.)

So today, I’m breaking down how to use the Family Physician Kit, which includes the top 10 essential oils to use for your healthcare needs.

While these oils are doTERRA specific, you can still use them for the same purposes using other pure essential oils (I just want people to use essential oils!).

First, how do you use essential oils?

Topically – you can apply essential oils directly to your skin. If you are at all in doubt about whether you can use an oil neat (neat means using an oil without diluting it – it usually says on the bottle if you can), dilute your essential oils in a carrier oil like coconut oil (my favorite because we have so much of it and it boasts its own benefits).

Internally – I use doTERRA oils internally because they’re safe to do so. Your essential oil will say on the bottle if you can, and if you’re in doubt, call the company. Most brands don’t allow for internal use as they’re not free of harmful components. Certain essential oil companies perform lots of testing to ensure they’re safe for consumption.

Aromatically – Diffusing essential oils in the air is another great way to get the benefits of essential oils. Try lavender in your room at bedtime. I plan on diffusing essential oils in the bus on a regular basis.

Using the Family Physician Kit

Just a note – when I use the oils, I start with one drop unless I’m using a recipe that says to do otherwise. These oils really do go a long way because you need so little at once for them to be effective.


The calming essential oil. We use lavender essential oil a LOT to help calm our crazy kids and induce peaceful sleep. I also use it to relieve stress and apply it neat to burns and wounds – it helps take the pain away very quickly.

  • Apply to temples, bottoms of feet or pillow cases before bed.
  • Apply to temples with frankincense to take away headaches and relieve stress.
  • Apply to burns and wounds to ease pain.
  • Diffuse in your house for calm.
  • Add some to a soothing sleep balm to use before bed.
  • Add to baths (with epsom salts) for extra relaxation.


doTERRA’s peppermint smells SO good. It’s the oil that sold me on this company. I’ve used it to help relieve nausea, increase energy and ease headaches.

  • Add a few drops to water for energy boost.
  • Apply to temples for headache relief.
  • Inhale deeply to help relieve nausea.
  • Apply to bottoms of feet to reduce high fevers.
  • Diffuse aromatically to help your house smell yummy.


This is now one of my favorite essential oils. I use it regularly to relieve stress and deal with any headaches that might pop up. It also gets added to my baths with lavender and epsom salts for a super relaxing experience.

  • Apply to minor cuts to speed healing and relieve pain.
  • Apply to bug bites and stings for immediate pain relief.
  • Add to baths for extra relaxation.
  • Apply to temples with lavender to relieve stress and headaches.
  • Apply to the bottoms of feet for immune system support.
  • Use to reduce scars.


I think my oldest daughter is Breathe’s biggest fan. She’s even faked a cough to use it. This essential oil works very well at clearing up coughs and helping you breathe during a cold.

  • Apply topically to your neck and chest to clear sinuses.
  • Diffuse aromatically when someone has a cough or cold.
  • Apply to the bottoms of feet or chest when someone has a cough or cold.



Melaleuca or tea tree oil is a great antimicrobial essential oil that belongs in every home. I use it on rashes and sometimes my scalp, to heal ear infections and to clean my house.

  • Apply neat around the base of the ear to heal ear infections naturally. (This is the only reason I’ll use it on my kids, otherwise I keep it out of their reach – make sure they do not ingest it).
  • Add a drop to your homemade shampoo and hair rinse.
  • Add to cleaning spray recipes to help kill germs.
  • Use on skin rashes to help with itching and speed healing.
  • Apply to feet to keep your toes happy (I made a special mix for my brother with lots of melaleuca and he said it works great – he typically makes fun of my “hippie ways”).


This is the oil that sold my husband on essential oils. DigestZen is my go-to oil for upset stomachs, whether it’s from a stomach bug or if I ate something I shouldn’t have (like gluten).

  • Drop one drop under your tongue to relieve stomach pain. Repeat every ten minutes until it works for serious stomach pain.
  • Apply to your abdomen to relieve stomach pain and gas.
  • Apply to the bottoms of feet (my kids’ preference) for digestive discomfort.

Deep Blue

This blue essential oil is helpful for aches and pains. My favorite application is as a sore muscle rub, especially when I can get Ian to give me a massage. :)

  • Dilute with coconut oil to make a sore muscle rub. (Don’t apply after you get out of the bath!!!)
  • Apply to aching joints for relief.
  • Rub on muscles before or after exercise to reduce soreness.


Oregano essential oil doesn’t come out much in our house, mainly because we don’t get sick often. When we do, however, oregano plays an important part in helping us heal.

  • Add 5 drops to an empty gelatin capsule for immune support or to help fight infection.
  • Apply diluted to the bottoms of feet to help fight illness (you will smell like pizza sauce).
  • Use internally (in a capsule) once a month to help cleanse your digestive tract.


I love citrus scents, especially doTERRA’s lemon. It smells just like a fresh lemon. I use it in my house for degreasing and cleaning. It’s also great to help lift your mood and detoxify.

  • Add a drop to honey to soothe a dry or sore throat.
  • Diffuse in rooms to get rid of odors and to lift your mood.
  • Apply neat to remove sticky residue (like tree pitch from your hands or clay from your dining table)
  • Add to dish water to degrease dishes and remove smells from cutting boards.
  • Add to water to detoxify internally.


I think of this blend as my immune system supporter. I apply it daily as a defense against illness, use it liberally when we are sick and use it with lemon and melaleuca to keep things clean at home.

  • Add a drop to your toothbrush for clean gums and teeth.
  • Apply to the bottoms of your feet for immune system support.
  • Diffuse aromatically to kill air-borne pathogens.
  • Add to cleaning spray to clean surfaces.
  • Add 5 drops to a gelatin capsule when you’re not feeling well.

Please check out this page if you’d like more information on essential oils and this page to learn more about the Shalom Mama Tribe.

What uses can you add?

Giveaway: Essential Oil Cleaning Trio

Giveaway: Essential Oil Cleaning Trio

Earlier this week, I released a new ebook into the world. After weeks of compiling content, writing, editing, formatting and designing, it’s done. Which means it’s time to celebrate.

And what better way to do than with a giveaway?

So until Sunday night, you can enter to win a cleaning trio of doTERRA essential oils!

What’s included?

Total retail cost: $67

Why these oils

Lavender, lemon and melaleuca essential oils boast some pretty amazing properties.

  • Lemon: a wonderful degreaser that also kills bacteria, plus it’s a mood lifter that smells amazing!
  • Lavender: antiviral and antibacterial, this soothing essential oil cleans without a nasty chemical smell.
  • Melaleuca: also known as Tea Tree essential oil, this is antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal – it even kills fungus.

Simply Clean Home. An eguide to help you clean less and live more. My ebook, Simply Clean Home, is all about creating a more peaceful, tidy home as simply as possible. In it, I share decluttering tips, my own simple cleaning routine and recipes for the natural cleaners I use in my own home.

And you can get it now for 25% off (no discount needed) and a special natural cleaning bonus!

The main cleaning recipe I use is a an all-purpose cleaner. It’s great on counters, toilets and other surfaces because it combines powerful, yet safe essential oils that take care of all sorts of germs.

So I have no problem handing the bottle of cleaner to my kids and having them clean the bathroom. ;)

I call that essential oil combo my cleaning trio. And I’m excited to send this powerful trio to one lucky winner!

How to enter

You can enter simply by using the handy widget below. There are three options:

  • Visit the Simply Clean Home page and leave a comment here telling me what section of the book would help you the most.
  • Like Shalom Mama on Facebook
  • Easy peasy entry – just hit enter!

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How is your self-care routine for 2015?

It’s 2015 and New Year’s resolutions, words, goals, and themes have been flying around Facebook, Pinterest and blog posts.

How is Your Self-Care Routine for 2015?

I have found it interesting that this year, I am seeing and reading a recurring theme of self-care in one form or another. Nina mentions it in her word for the Year of Sustainability and Rest is one of my focus words for 2015.

The question I run into next is, now that we have these goals, how do we pursue them and make them happen?

Start small, create a routine.

A great first step is to create a routine as a foundation. Routines can become habits, and when done consistently, these habits can help you reach and exceed your goals. Keep in mind that small steps taken every day, add up and make a huge difference in the long run. You might not see it in just a few days worth of effort but, look back over 2 or 4 weeks worth of effort and you will see improvement and forward motion.

So let me ask you… do you have a self-care routine?

You Are Important

Can I let you in on a secret? You are important! So when you hear the old saying, “what is important to you, you will make time for” remember that YOU are important. It’s time to make time for you and your personal well being.

As women it is natural and waaaay too easy to put everybody and everything ahead of your own needs. As Moms, daughters, sisters, business owners, teachers, homemakers, chefs, and shuttle service, we want to be there for our friends and provide for our families.

But when taken to the extreme, it can become a health and wellness issue. Soon we start to experience burnout and neglect ourselves.

If you are constantly feeling run down and bedraggled you are not only doing yourself a disservice but your ability to help others will also be affected.

A Self-Care Routine for the New Year

A new routine does not have to be anything lofty, hard to do, or expensive to start. My advice? Start small and go for the small wins.

For each person, self-care will look and feel differently. Here are a few examples:

There are so many small things we can do in any given day to take care of ourselves, even if it is just 5 minutes to start with. Then you can gradually start to increase the time to 10-15 and (gasp!) maybe even 20 or 30 minutes! The point is to create a foundational starting point and build upon it.

If you do not have a self-care routine yet I challenge you to make that a focus of your new year. Keep it small, keep it something you will actually do and enjoy. Use that as a foundation to create a routine, that can grow into a habit and help you achieve your goals this year.

What are some self-care routines you can add into your life this year?

The Year of Sustainability (+ 4 Reasons to Proclaim Your Own Word of the Year)

Several years ago I began the tradition of beginning each year with a special word. The first year, The Year of Relationships, was a great success.

Choose your Word of the Year.

I saw existing relationships deepen and new ones blossom. Since then, I’ve begun each year with a guiding word for the coming months. And there were many possibilities for 2015.

I knew that I wanted to focus on personal growth and creating new fitness habits. I also wanted to be more intentional as a family in regard to how we spend our time and how we structure our schooling. We also wanted to be more consistent in our spending/savings habits as we want to buy some property and travel internationally as a family in the next year.

Plus we wanted to be smarter about our garden and how we preserve our food. Nothing seemed to encompass all of that, though. That is, until one word popped into my head.


(Which, of course, makes my hippie heart oh, so happy!)

Sustainablity has a few definitions. The one I’m focusing on is:

Able to last or continue for a long time.

What it really comes down to in our home is creating sustainable habits – systems and practices that will continue long-term because they’re simple and important.

Because, as I’ve said before, if it’s not simple, it’s not sustainable. And if it’s not sustainable, what’s the point?

So, while I’m hoping to bring about more sustainable habits overall, there are a few areas where I’d really like to focus my energy.

  • Fitness: Doing CrossFit and yoga each week, in addition to reaching my daily goal of 10,000 steps on my pedometer.
  • Finances: Reigning in our spending since our income has increased and putting more aside for savings and giving.
  • Self-sufficiency & green living: We’re renting a house on a good-sized lot and we’d like to use it wisely when it comes to growing and preserving food.
  • Homeschooling: We need to switch some things up so we can focus more on developing basic life skills and awareness and concern for others around the world.
  • Community: This community is growing, as is the Shalom Mama Tribe and I need to find/create sustainable ways to engage, educate and facilitate conversation.

Which means I’ll be sharing some of this journey with you here. I’m sure some of you have made similar goals and I love hearing about how you’re pursuing wellness in your own lives.

If you haven’t written our your goals, I encourage you to do so. Maybe even decide on your own word for the year.

Here are a few reasons I recommend proclaiming your own Word of the Year:

1. Power in stating your goals

There’s something so powerful about the act of stating and writing out your intentions. Decide on a word that encompasses where you would love to see growth in your life this year and write that word down. It’s a simple step anyone can take.

2. A helpful guide

My word is sustainability for a reason – I struggle with consistency unless something is super simple and/or very important to me. Which is why the guiding word is so helpful.

Instead of being a stringent set of rules or steps I have to follow every single day, my Word of the Year is more of a guide that points me toward an important goal.

3. Holistic approach

Lastly, the Word of the Year allows for a more holistic approach to life. Rather than focusing on one compartmentalized area of your life, it often encompasses everything. Sustainability is covering pretty much everything this year, from finances to my personal faith.

All areas will be examined and (hopefully) enriched in some way.

4. Exceeds expectations

One thing I’ve noticed is that how I see my word changing my life is often different than how it actually happens – for the better. In the Year of Increase, for example, my hope was mainly for an increase in income. Ha!

We actually earned less that year than we had ever before, but what I did experience and increase in was faith, contentment and creativity with our resources. I never would have guessed at that outcome when I’d stated my intention, but I was so grateful for the results.

So my challenge to you is to figure out your own Word of the Year. Write it down and put it above your desk, on your mirror or somewhere else you’ll see it often.

One word.

Do you have a guiding word for this year? What is it?


Flash Giveaway: Essential Oil Wellness Trio

Yesterday, I did a flash giveaway for an Essential Oil Trio of lavender, lemon and peppermint. And wow, that was fun! I love how enthusiastic everyone was and I wish I could send the set to everyone who entered.

Since I can’t do that, I can do the next best thing – have another flash giveaway! Just one more before the year (and Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle sale) is over.

So … what oils are included this time?

  • 15 mL Melaleuca essential oil
  • 15 mL Balance essential oil
  • 15 mL On Guard essential oil

That’s $95 worth of essential oils that will help keep your family healthy all year long.

Why these oils?

These are some of the most-used oils in my house. They have so many uses and I love how quickly and effectively they work.

  • Melaleuca: Also known as tea tree, this is one useful oil. It’s great in cleaners for its germ-busting abilities. Plus it’s wonderful for soothing the skin. It even offers healing benefits for certain ailments. I love melaleuca.
  • On Guard: The protecting blend. This amazing blend works wonders at supporting the immune system. I use it daily to prevent illness.
  • Balance: The grounding blend. I recommend this to everyone for stress relief. I apply it at least once a day.

And don’t forget – if you want to learn more about using essential oils in your own home, the Essential Oils and Natural Health ecourse (normally $95) is included in the Ultimate Healthy Living bundle, which ends tonight!

Everything included in the bundle would cost over $1000 to buy separately (including over $200 worth of healthy living bonuses). But you can get it all for just under $30 until midnight.

So please don’t wait if this is something you’ve been considering. It goes away tonight and won’t be coming back.

You can see everything in the bundle here.

How to enter

You can enter until midnight tonight simply by using the handy widget below. There are three options:

Go ahead and get started!

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Flash Giveaway: doTERRA Essential Oil Beginner Trio

Flash Giveaway: doTERRA Essential Oil Beginner Trio

It’s been a while since I’ve done a giveaway – that’s not right! So in honor of the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle flash sale, I’m doing a flash giveaway!

Flash giveaway - Essential Oil Beginner Trio. Enter to win now at

So until midnight tonight, you can enter to win an essential oil beginner trio from doTERRA!

What’s included?

  • 15 mL Peppermint essential oil
  • 15 mL Lavender essential oil
  • 15 mL Lemon essential oil

Why these oils?

Lavender, lemon and peppermint are some of the most commonly used essential oils out there.

And these are also three of the essential oils covered in the Essential Oils and Natural Health ecourse (normally $95) that you’ll find in the Ultimate Healthy Living bundle (it ends tomorrow night so snag your copy before it’s over!).

This awesome ecourse teaches you how to safely and effectively use essential oils in your home from household cleaners to natural healthcare and whole lot of stuff in between.

Many of you are interested in using essential oils in your home (at least, that’s what I’ve gathered from all the replies to the newsletter) and I think this bundle is the perfect way to get started.

Not only do you get the Essential Oils and Natural Health ecourse, but you get additional ebooks on using essential oils as well, including my ebook, DIY Natural Remedies.

Everything included in the bundle would cost over $1000 to buy separately (including over $200 worth of healthy living bonuses). But you can get it all for just under $30.

Let me say that again … You can get over $1000 worth of healthy living resources, including an essential oil ecourse that costs $95 on its own, for less than $30.

Holy amazing deal, Batman!

How to enter

You can enter simply by using the handy widget below. There are three options:

Ready? Go!

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