Healthy Home Coaching

Creating a healthier home can feel like a mighty lonely endeavor.

You spend hours alone, researching and experimenting and the amazing results aren’t often seen by people outside your immediate family.

Add in those comments from your mom about becoming a hippie or your husband asking you to at least keep shaving your armpits and it can all add up to feeling like you’re all alone on this journey (and that maybe people have the wrong idea about what you’re doing).

Despite the growing trend in green living, you’re going natural in an unconventional way. You’re following your research (and intuition – there’s lots of that involved), but it hasn’t led to buying the “eco” alternatives or “healthy” boxed meals.

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It’s led you to real food, DIY recipes and essential oils. It’s taken you down the path of energy healing and pursuing sustainable self care rituals. It’s also led to raised eyebrows and jokes from well-meaning (but confused) family and friends. No wonder you feel like you’re all alone.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You need to connect with a guide on the same path as you are, have access to support on this journey and the essential resources to keep this simple.

That’s where I come in.

nina2 Follow Me on Pinterest My name is Nina Nelson and I’m an author, energy worker and lifestyle coach. Most importantly, I’m a wife, mother (of four!) and friend who has experienced first-hand the amazing well-being, connections and fulfillment that come from creating a healthier home.

For the last five years, I’ve been working with women who want to create a healthier home but get stuck in the stress and overwhelm of not having the right resources and support.

I have a knack for simplifying the complicated and helping others see possibilities they hadn’t thought of before.

Let’s work together.

Are you ready to create a healthier home with ease, joy and maybe even some fun? It can be done! (Hey that rhymes!) All it takes is your commitment to create the changes you desire and guidance from someone who’s farther along on the journey.

Work with me to:

  • Map out simple action steps to get you closer to your goals
  • Find the helpful resources that will bring you more ease in the process
  • Generate new ideas to help you move forward with more fun
  • Create simple ways to overcome obstacles
  • Learn tiny changes you can make immediately that add up to big impact

Awesome, right? Here are some of the topics I’m an expert on that I love to help women master.

Creating a non-toxic home

Years ago, I ditched the toxic cleaners and became the DIY Queen who makes all of her own cleaning supplies (quickly and easily, of course). I’ve swapped plastic for healthier alternatives and dramatically reduced the amount of waste my family produces.

Decluttering and downsizing your space

I’ve conquered the clutter in my home and created a simple plan to keep it clean so I have more time for the things I love. I even lived in a school bus for a year with my husband and our four children.

Simplifying your schedule and finding more time for things that matter

After feeling like I was always running on empty, I simplified my schedule and made self-care a priority. The result? A happier, more peaceful mama that my family actually enjoys being around.

Using essential oils and natural remedies

Natural healing is in my blood – my Grandma was the village midwife who passed her wisdom onto my dad and I even grew up on an organic herb farm. But I didn’t realize its benefits until I started my own family and constantly battled illness. Now, I use natural remedies every single day to promote wellness and create a healthy home.

Ready for 1:1 mentoring where practical actions meets intuitive guidance?

I currently offer a one hour Skype or phone call where I’ll offer insight gained from nearly ten years experience, help you create a personalized action plan and point you to relevant resources.

I only work with eight people every month because I believe in connection and relationships first.


Or book three sessions now (to be used in the next three months) for $260.

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