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Simple Natural Health is a holistic approach to health – mind, body and soul – with a lot of money and time saving tips thrown in. You’ll love the comprehensive guide to using herbs and my tips for saving money on nourishing whole foods. Whether you’re a beginner in the natural health world or want to make your approach a whole lot simpler, this book is for you. Get it here.

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wcs On the path to wellness but feeling confused and not sure where to start? Book a Wellness Catalyst Session with me now to get a simple action plan to follow and renewed passion about your family’s wellness. Why stretch this out for months when all you need is an hour? I’ll take a look at what is and isn’t working for your family and we’ll create an action plan for increasing the health and happiness in your home. Get more information here.

Equip Yourself

equipyourself Taking care of your family doesn’t have to cost a bunch of money. With the right tools, improving your family’s health naturally will actually save you money. When it comes to extra help for boosting our immune systems and improving our overall well-being, essential oils are my favorite tool. Learn more here.

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Nina Nelson

Hi I'm Nina. Healer. Writer. Wellness advocate. Mama of four. Former bus dweller now focused on exploring simple hospitality. I love Jesus, simple natural living, coffee, and Shetland ponies.