Pure & Simple Coaching

Me Pure & Simple Coaching sessions are one-on-one sessions designed to give an action plan for your pure and simple life. Whether you need to create a healthier lifestyle or you want to build a thriving business based on your passion for natural living, I’d love to help.

Pure & Simple Life

I work with moms and families to increase happiness and wellness in their homes with simple, step-by-step, holistic methods. I empower parents to use natural, safe solutions for their family’s healthcare and create a healthy lifestyle that is unique to them.

Possible coaching topics include:

  • Simple self-care
  • Using essential oils for a healthier home
  • Cultivating a simple wellness routine
  • Making the switch to real food
  • How to create more time for things you love
  • Ways to simplify/declutter your space for a more peaceful haven
{A Pure & Simple Life coaching session is complimentary when you join the tribe.}

Pure & Simple Business

I also work alongside work-at-home moms who want to spend lots of time with their families while focusing on their passion for natural living. I share tips, skills and action plans I’ve learned while creating my own natural online business.

Possible coaching topics include:

  • Teaching classes from home
  • Creating an online presence
  • Growing a network marketing business online (my specialty is doTERRA)
  • Authentic marketing
  • Simple social media
  • Creating an email sales system
{A Pure & Simple Business coaching session is complimentary when you join the tribe.}

How it works

Coaching sessions are held either via teleconference (phone) or private Google Hangout (internet video conference). Either option will be recorded and the link will be sent to you for future reference.

Each session is 45-minutes long and allows for 30 minutes of coaching and 15 minutes of Q&A time.

Please fill out an interest form to schedule a session.

I’ll be in touch to confirm availability and once we schedule a time, you’ll receive a Paypal invoice.


My rate is $95/session.

Often one session is the catalyst you need to propel you farther on your journey. However, if you would like multiple sessions to discuss different topics, you can also purchase three sessions for $250.