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I used to tell myself that I’m not creative. And I believed it, most of the time. But the truth is that I am. I’m very creative. And so are you.

Crafting Essentials for the Simple Home

The real problem is, I’m just not that crafty.

Ok, I suppose that’s not true, either. In fact, I just realized that the real problem is the lack of ideas and disorganized supplies. Because I crochet a lot. I also love to get all crafty when I sew. And I made this.

So I am crafty. I just want to be more crafty and give my kiddos the opportunity to be crafty as well. Which brings me back to the real problems: ideas and supplies.

As for ideas, there’s a whole world of them right at my finger tips. Hello, Pinterest.

That means that I really need to solve the supply problem. Since there’s not much room in our bus, I’ve had to choose items carefully. And I think that’s important for everyone to do.

Because I’ve found that when you cross the line from not enough to too much, it steals your creativity instead of enhancing it because you’re faced with overwhelm from too many possibilities.

It happens when kids have too many toys. When your kitchen has too many gadgets. And when your craft supply box (or boxes) are overflowing. So it’s best to keep it as simple as possible and gather the essentials (add or subtract things so you can suit your family’s preferences).

So here are my essentials. Some I have, others are on my wishlist. They just need to be organized in a box and put in a place my kids and I can access easily when the crafting mood strikes.

Get Crafty Crafting Essentials for the Simple Home

Crafting Essentials

These are the supplies that can be used for a myriad of crafts.


Most of our tools can be used for more than crafting, which is important. I also make sure we have tools that the kids can use easily, like small scissors and glue they can use easily. Ok, not too easily.


I love the internet, but there are some books I’ve kept in our simplification process because they have such good ideas. There are just a couple.

Ok, so pretty much anything by Amanda Soule.

Now to keep my kids from fighting over the glue …

What are your crafting essentials?