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(This is part of the How to Declutter Your Home Series. Read Before You Begin, How to Declutter the Bedroom and How to Declutter Your Home: The Kitchen)

How to Declutter Your Home The Bathroom

When I first started decluttering, the bathroom was one of the scariest spaces for me to attack. Why? Because it’s so easy to accumulate a whole lot of stuff in there. And so much tiny stuff at that: bobby pins, hair ties, cotton balls, travel size thingies. The bathroom can be intimidating.

That’s why you approach it with a plan.

Before you even get started, I want you to think about your bathroom routine. Think about the whole day and what you often go into the bathroom for. What do you use most frequently? Make a list.

Do you use hair accessories on a regular basis? Which ones are your favorites? How about makeup and hair products? Narrow down what you use most often and put it on the list.

Now go into the bathroom with a box or something and put everything in your list in the box.

I find that this is a really easy way to get started because you’ve already got your must-have items out of the way and you can focus on clearing out the rest of the clutter.

Okay, time for the rest of the stuff.

If you really want to declutter, you’re going to have to go through a lot of stuff and make some decisions, like:

  • Does every member of the family need their own body wash?
  • How many hair ties are really necessary?
  • Is this toxic? You can check here.
  • Do I want to keep using the products I buy or do I want to make my own?
  • Can I donate any of this extra stuff or does it need to be tossed?
  • Is _____ really an essential part of my life?

The biggest part of the decluttering process is answering those questions. And then taking action.

Now, time to get started.

So, what makes sense to you? Tackling the shower first? Or maybe under the sink? Maybe getting into those drawers will be best. Whatever order seems right to you, just get started.

Toss the old, nasty stuff. Grab a box or basket to put everything your want to donate in. And keep the stuff you keep to a minimum.

It’s really that simple. It’s just answering those questions and taking the first step that stops most people.

And if you’re really stuck, here’s a list of what we’ve kept (I know some people, like me, need to have an idea of what someone else has done before they dive in).

What’s in our bathroom:

This is just a tiny fraction of what used to be in our bathroom and I love having so little to take care of. Everything gets used regularly and when we travel, everything we need fits nicely into a small toiletries bag.

Declutter, friends. You’ll be so glad you did.