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Losing weight is all about counting calories. Wait, no, it’s all about cutting out carbs. Shoot, I forgot, it’s about eating a low-fat diet. Nope, it’s all about exercise and lots of it. No, wait … what?

Everywhere you look, you’ll find a new secret to losing weight that typically ends up with you starving yourself to some degree, losing weight and then putting the weight back on (and then some) when you just can’t stand being hungry anymore.

Sound familiar? Yeah. Thought so.

Obviously, if these methods truly were effective, everyone would try them, lose weight, enjoy year-round health and never struggle with gaining it all back.

But, as you (or someone you know) have probably experienced, that’s just not the case.

Which is why I love, love, love Danelle Wolford’s new e-book, Eat Your Cake & Lose Weight Too! Instead of sharing some brand-new, earth-shattering weight loss secret, she shares the ridiculously simple method she used to effortlessly lose 35 pounds. Which she did by …

Wait for it …

Eating real food. That’s it. Whole, nourishing, food.

Eat Your Cake & Lose Weight Too! shares why chemically-laden processed food is causing us to gain weight (in addition to suffering from a whole host of illnesses) and how to start eating real food that will help you heal your body and shed weight.

She also shares how to afford real food, tips for newbies, how to make any meal into a “real food” meal and some recipes that are going to make your taste buds really stinkin’ happy.

Eat Your Cake & Lose Weight Too: the e-Book

Whether you’ve been curious about eating more fat, want some tips for making real food more affordable or are just plain desperate to lose the weight that won’t come off no matter what you do, Eat Your Cake & Lose Weight Too! will show you how.

This e-book covers it all, including:

  • The shocking truth of how food at the grocery store is designed to make you fat and sick.
  • Why butter, bacon, & ice cream are actually healing to the body.
  • Why eating a salad every day will NEVER make you healthy.
  • How to spot a crappy diet, so you’ll never be duped into another fake diet plan again.
  • How eating a low-fat diet is actually making you FAT!
  • Why portion control, not eating after 7pm, & eating 6 small meals a day is a lie.
  • How to reverse illness & chronic disease by giving your body real nutrients & real food!
  • Why extreme exercise is not necessary, and how to get amazing results even if you’re disabled+++.
  • How to afford REAL FOOD on even the smallest budget.
  • How to turn ANY recipe into a REAL FOOD recipe!

In her informative and funny e-book, Danelle Walford of Weed ‘Em and Reap, also shares some delicious real food recipes that will actually help you lose weight.

cake lose weight

Chocolate chip cookies, glazed donuts, gelato? No diet will ever tell you you can eat these (well, unless it’s full of harmful chemicals meant to trick your body). Seriously, this stuff looks amazing, right?

You may think that there’s no way that you can lose weight just by eating real food. You’ve been told time and time and time again that you need to cut something, be it calories, carbs or fat. And you don’t have to. You just need to eat real food (that tastes delicious).

Why You Need Have Your Cake & Eat It Too!

There is no substitute for real food. We’ve tried. Over the past 100 years, we’ve created all sorts of fake, chemically-laden foods and they’re doing more harm than good. And, let’s face it, Crisco doesn’t hold a candle to real butter. Mmmmm, butter.

Now you can give real food a try and ditch the stuff some companies are trying to pass off as food. Even if you don’t lose all the weight you want to, your body’s going to be much happier. 


Meet Danelle Walford

Danelle Walford is the voice behind the popular blog, Weed ‘Em and Reap. I love the tips and recipes she shares and I can certainly empathize with the frustrations caused by her goat. 🙂

Danelle is a mom and former nursing student currently living on an acre of land, raising some of her own animals.

Not long ago, she struggled with chronic pain and illness and even had to buy a wheelchair to get around. Now, she no longer battles with illness, has effortlessly lost 35 pounds and her son has even experienced healing from his asthma.


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How has eating real food helped you?