Tired of going it alone?

Creating a healthy home can feel like a mighty lonely endeavor. You spend hours alone, researching and experimenting and the amazing results aren’t often seen by people outside your immediate family.

Add in those comments from your mom about becoming a hippie or your husband asking you to at least keep shaving your armpits and it can all add up to feeling like you’re all alone on this journey … and that maybe people have the wrong idea about what you’re doing.

Despite the growing trend in green living, you’re going natural in an unconventional way. You’re following your research (and intuition – there’s lots of that involved), but it hasn’t led to buying the “eco” alternatives or “healthy” boxed meals.

It’s taken you down the path of natural wellness. It’s also led to raised eyebrows and jokes from well-meaning (but confused) family and friends. No wonder you feel like you’re all alone.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You need to connect with others on the same path as you are, have access to support on this journey and the essential resources to keep this simple.

What if you had all the tools you need (and there aren’t many), an experienced wise woman to guide you, and a community to support you while you created a naturally healthy home in the easiest way possible?

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

When you’re a Shalom Mama Tribe member, community, support and resources are what you get. Plus doTERRA essential oils. That’s kind of our thing.

Women who get regular support make better decisions for their families, achieve better, more sustainable results and feel more confident in their ability to keep their families healthy naturally.

Just because you’ve chosen an unconventional path doesn’t mean you have to be alone. In fact, support is the key to creating the healthy lifestyle you desire.

Shalom Mama Tribe members are moms, writers, photographers and crafters. They’re teachers, nurses and domestic goddesses. They come from all around the globe and all different backgrounds.

But they all have one thing in common: they want to create a loving, healthy, safe environment for their families. And they love the simplicity, ease and effectiveness of using essential oils do it.

Join the Shalom Mama Tribe

With one continuing education class a month, a one-on-one wellness consult and access to our private Facebook group, this Tribe is designed specifically for the mom who’s tired of going it alone with natural health and wants a supportive guide and community at her side.

Once you’ve joined the Tribe, you’ll have:

  • The perfect essential oil kit to suit your family’s needs
  • Access to an archive of essential oil resources
  • A one-on-one mentoring session with one of our veteran members to create a plan of action for using your oils
  • A private group where you can ask questions and connect to others on this natural wellness journey

I know using essential oils is a process. You’re learning every step of the way and I’m here to support you. And to give you the inspiration and permission to release your inner hippie (shaving your armpits is totally optional). It begins with purchasing your doTERRA starter kit.

Who am I?

I’m Nina Nelson, author, essential oil evangelist and creator of the Shalom Mama Tribe.

I work with overwhelmed moms to create simple wellness routines, less stressful schedules and regular self care habits. I focus on simplifying and creating a healthy lifestyle centered on what matters most to them (and essential oils are a perfect fit).

I help women create healthier homes using simple, sustainable methods.

Tribe membership is your access to support from me and my tribe leaders, this community of holistic living advocates, and the resources I’ve designed to serve women just like you.

Here’s what’s included with your Shalom Mama Tribe membership:

  • Free wellness catalyst session with me. Ask your questions, get answers and develop a plan for using essential oils in your home.
  • Community of natural-minded and simplicity-loving women just like you.
  • Private Facebook group.
  • Classes on topics like simplifying, prevention, self care, remedies and more.
  • And, of course, a starter kit full of the essential oils you need to get started.

What does access to the Shalom Mama Tribe cost?

Because the focus is on essential oils, you gain access to the Tribe when you purchase an essential oil starter kit through me.

Starter kits offer an even greater discount on essential oils since you’re buying in bulk and waives the membership fee. Plus there’s also the option to earn money to pay for your oils and give you extra cash.

Kits start at $150.