How to Choose the Right Essential Oils for Traveling

It’s pretty much a given that I’ll take essential oils with me when we travel. I literally take them with me everywhere anyway, thanks to the small pouch that’s full of sample vials that I keep in my purse.

How to Choose the Right Essential Oils for Traveling

I love my essential oils and since discovering high-quality essential oils that can be used for many different reasons, I frequently pull out that pouch while I’m out and about, whether I need an oil or a friend asks me for some.

So you can bet I take my oils with me when we hit the road on an adventure.

Many people ask me what oils I take with me and I can tell you right now what’s in that pouch:

  • Lavender
  • Frankincense
  • Breathe
  • Melaleuca
  • Lemon
  • DigestZen
  • On Guard
  • Peppermint

(You can read more about why I chose those ones here.)

But when I’m traveling, I always ask myself a few questions so I know which oils I should take, because while I use those oils in my pouch most often, there’s usually a need for something else when we’re away from home.

Try asking yourself these questions before you travel

  • What do I frequently use essential oils for? Stomach problems? Nausea? Migraines? Make sure to take those oils with you, as travel can aggravate ailments you already deal with.
  • What are common problems encountered at this destination? Do people frequently have problems with upset stomach, insomnia, etc.?
  • What are common problems with this mode of travel? 
  • Will we be around people who are sick frequently? If so, what oils will help ward off illness and boost our immune systems?
  • How can I use my oils to bless the people we’re visiting? Do they have a chronic problem I could help with? Would someone benefit from a massage with these oils? (I asked myself this before a recent women’s retreat and found that the Aroma Touch kit was the perfect travel companion).

How to take them with you

When I travel, I take my keychain pouch I mentioned before and make sure all of the little vials are topped off. If there are other oils I want to take, I put them in a small box or pouch where they won’t move around.

If you want to only take sample vials, an empty Altoids box makes the perfect travel case.

The best oils to take with you

Here are some great oils you could take with you. Choose the ones that you’ll most likely need. And, of course, you can always take oils that aren’t on this list – it’s mainly to give you some ideas.

  • Lavender: Excellent for helping you get to sleep and for soothing nerves. Also great for first aid treatment of burns, scrapes, cuts, etc.
  • Peppermint: Use to relieve head tension and nausea. Cools the body and provides an energy boost.
  • Melaleuca: Cleans and disinfects. Soothes earaches and irritated skin.
  • DigestZen: Use for digestive upset of any kind. Must have no matter where you go.
  • On Guard: Use to boost the immune system and fight illness. Full of antioxidants. Disinfectant. Breath freshener.
  • Balance: Grounding blend that is awesome for relieving stress.
  • Breathe: Use for respiratory support.
  • Lemon: Great for lifting the mood. Degunkifier (whether it’s sticky sap or a congested chest).
  • Frankincense: Use as an immune system booster and pain reliever.

Be sure to check out this page before you buy essential oils to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

And if you need help figuring out what essential oil accessories you might need on your travels, check out this post.

Do you take essential oils with you when you travel? Which ones can you not leave home without?


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