Get Out of Debt with a DIY Routine

Get Out of Debt with a DIY Routine | Shalom Mama

When we decided to get out of debt, we realized that a lot needed to be cut from our budget so we could pay off bills. Part of that included adopting a DIY mindset so that we save money wherever we could.

Over the years, we’ve gotten out of debt but have kept that DIY attitude because of the money it saves and the satisfaction we feel from doing things ourselves.

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post for my friends at diyNatural, detailing how I manage to fit DIY projects into my busy lifestyle (no matter how many commitments we say no to, we’re still pretty busy with our four kiddos).

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    My recent DIY story: I woke up at 0515 to run on our treadmill. Got on it, found the buttons wouldn’t work and, instead of throwing up my hands and quitting, I got out my screwdriver, disassembled the panel, reconnected all of the ribbon cables on the inside, got it to work, pieced it back together, and STILL got my run in before 0730! The rest of the day I felt cool as King Kong! And I didn’t have to buy a new panel or hire a repairman!

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