How to Green Your Shaving Routine

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How to Green Your Shaving Routine (for men and women)

Once upon a time, shaving my legs involved a plethora of products: a special shaving cream for sensitive skin, a good disposable razor, with at least three blades and immediate application of a special lotion for sensitive skin to ward off the inevitable razor burn. If I skipped any of those items, the skin on my legs would be miserable.

It was a costly habit (for us and the planet).

Thankfully, we’ve figured out some ways to save money on shaving products (here are other ways we‘ve saved money). The benefit? Less waste, less toxins (found not just in the plastics of the commercial items, but in the products themselves), smoother skin and a much better shave.

So if you still want to/have to shave and want to make your routine much more eco-friendly, here are some DIY tips you can try out at home.

Tips for Shaving Naturally: Cream, razors and more.

How have you greened you shaving routine?


  1. says

    We mainly just get the brush wet and swirl it on the top to make foam. It dries pretty quickly. But if you’re worried, you can always put a drop of an antibacterial essential oil in the soap dish after you use the soap.

  2. Philippa says

    Dear Nina, you’ve been a blessing to me (all the way in Ireland!) since I found your page 2 nights ago. I’m quite inspired by your commitment to simplicity and health. Yeshua has been teaching me a thing or two on this matter esp. in relation to spending on material goods and clutter. I thank you for your blog!

    As for my ‘green’ shaving routine, I’ve been using the following formula for about a year…my skin comes out very smooth each time:


    Sweet Almond oil

    Wheat Germ oil (If not available, you can use the following in descending order – Hemp oil, Olive oil or Avocado oil)

    Vegetable oil

    Sesame oil



    Pour 3 Tbsp of Almond oil into a glass bowl.

    Add 1/2 Tbsp each of Wheat germ oil, Vegetable oil and Sesame oil

    and stir all together.

    Apply on your legs (when dry) and shave.

    As you’re using oil, it is important to place the razor in Vodka for a number of hours to remove any traces of oil. Some use Isopropyl Alcohol instead- haven’t tried it personally.

    Rinse and try to resist your legs!

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