Kickstart Your Herbal Knowledge with the Natural Herbal Living Magazine

Kickstart your Herbal Knowledge

Today’s post comes from Amanda, who’s launching a new herbal project through Kicsktarter, an online platform that partners people with financial support from others who want to see the project succeed.

Update 7/28: The campaign is fully funded (and then some)! Thanks for all your help! Follow this link to see the magazine’s new site!

Hi! I’m Amanda, owner of Natural Living Mamma and owner/publisher of the newest herbal magazine around, Natural Herbal Living Magazine.

Before I tell you about the magazine, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

Seven years ago I was told that I was infertile. I would never naturally have a child. In fact, I was so fat and unhealthy that I needed to only eat 500 calories a day and get injections for all of my nutrients. When the doctors told me this, after years of constant medical issues that were never resolved and always caused by my fatness, I had enough.

I decided to take my health into my own hands. I did all the research I could about natural health and wellness, proper diet for hormone regulations, and herbal treatments. I began eating real whole foods, nourishing my body instead of depriving it, and studying herbalism every chance I could.

I have studied with several wonderful community herbalists in Spokane and here in Colorado, along with reading countless books on herbs, essential oils, and natural healing.

One of the things I noticed about a self-guided herbal study is the disconnect between the herbalist and the herbs. We enter the herbal world thinking there is one herb for one ailment.

We are approaching it from the western medical model mind set. A one problem, one pill sort of thing.

We ask what meds we can “use” to feel better. Most people don’t understand that those drugs aren’t healing the body, but masking the symptoms. Symptoms are our body trying to communicate with us what is wrong. To mask those means we may never find our true answer.

When people approach an herbal regimen as something to be “used”, instead of as a partnership with the herbs, they find themselves sorely disappointed with the result. Everything is connected.

When you really work with herbs, you find that a relationship is built of trust and knowledge. In the beginning all you have is your books or the Internet. You can learn a lot about an herb online or through books, but you don’t really get the whole picture.

When we look at herbal texts we may go through and look for a cold remedy. This remedy will typically have 4-5 ingredients in it. You can make the recipe and find you feel better, but do you really know why? What do these herbs do in your body individually? What are their benefits?

Natural Herbal Living Magazine

natural herbal living magazine

This is where Natural Herbal Living Magazine comes in.

We are approaching herbalism from a completely different place. Instead of giving you a huge book with a hundred herbs, and hundreds of recipes, each month we are going to focus on one herb. Just one!

We are taking this approach so that you can develop a relationship with this herb and really get to know it on a deep intellectual level.

Herbs are so multi-faceted and these multiple talents and benefits often get overlooked in the name of page space, or simplifying things. We have decided to instead bring you a much more complete picture.


Rosemary is our “Herb of the Month” for September, our launch month. Some (but not all) of the articles you will see are:

  • Rosemary: An herbal monograph (This tells us all about rosemary’s constituents, medicinal benefits, and history)
  • Rosemary Essential Oil Profile
  • Rosemary Flower Essence Profile
  • Rosemary for Back To School and Memory
  • Rosemary For Hair: Herbal hair oil, shampoo, and vinegar rinse
  • Rosemary Hot Chocolate Elixir
  • Rosemary Four Ways
  • Rosemary Infusions and Decoctions

We will also be covering a lot of information about how to start a personal herbal study, basic definitions and concoctions.

The magazine is an amazing asset to the herbal community and completely different than what is being done, with subscriptions at just $4 a month.

Kickstart Your Herbal Knowledge

Herb Boxes

But there’s more!

The magazine is a wonderful way to get to know an herb on a deep intellectual level, but to really understand herbs and how they work with you, you really need to get your hands on them. Smell them, feel them, sip a nice cup of tea, make some recipes.

By working with an herb you build a lifelong relationship with it. You get to know how it works with your body and if it is a strong ally on your path to wellness, or if it is better suited for others.

We are also offering an herb box subscription so that you can get your hands on the herb, work with it, and see how it works with you.

The herb box will be sent to your home on the first of the month so you will have it when the first issue (of two) of the month comes out. This way you can work along while you read the magazine and really build a complete image of how this herb can work in your life.

All ingredients will be organic or ethically wild crafted, gluten free, dairy free, and nut free upon request.

The September herb box will contain:

  • Rosemary officinalis – leaf
  • Rosemary officinalis – Essential Oil (Chemotype: Cineole)
  • Rosemary Flower Essence
  • The ingredients for the Rosemary Hot Chocolate Elixir
  • The ingredients for the Rosemary for Hair recipes

It will also include detailed directions on how to make each recipe. You won’t be disappointed!

Help Us Kickstart This!

natural herbal living magazine fund me

So if we launch in September why am I telling you all about this now? I need your help.

Without the support of others we can not make our launch as awesome as we would like. The magazine articles are already written by some amazing highly experienced herbalists. The box is planned and the materials are in development. The problem is, we have no web site!

We don’t just want a regular ole website. Instead we want a place where our subscribers can come and discuss what they have learned; their successes, challenges, and experiences working with these amazing herbs. It is a built in support mechanism to get the most out of your subscription.

In order to build our website we need to raise money. We decided to do this through Kickstarter. This way you can pre-order your magazine and herb box, giving you a good discount while you are at it, and you help us raise the money for the website! Win win!

By supporting our project on kickstarter you get these bonuses:

  • Discounts on magazine and herb box subscriptions.
  • Exclusive access to the September box. Only our Kickstarter subscribers will get the Rosemary box!
  • The ability to sponsor Natural Herbal Living Magazine as a business. By supporting us with your business, you will have access to an exclusive “sponsors” page with a large ad and description of your business, as well as a sponsor highlight that will be on the magazine’s blog, and shared on Natural Living Mamma’s social media sites.
  • The warm fuzzy feeling that you made this magic happen.

You can find our kickstarter site here. I invite you to watch the video, see the plan, ask questions and pre-subscribe to your issues today.

Please Help Spread the Word!

I also invite you to please share this post with your naturally-minded friends and on your social media sites. Without you this will not have the resources available right away that I would like to have for our readers.

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful herb lovin’ day.

Nina Nelson

Nina Nelson is an unconventional mom determined to live a life of adventure and purpose. She does that alongside her husband, Ian, and their four crazy, adorable kids. She loves reading, snuggling and giggling at miniature horses.

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  1. Missy says

    This sounds amazing and I’d love to back it but I’m an Aussie – could the mag etc be set to me over here?

  2. says

    Sounds good!! Rosemary is a very powerful herb that has a multitude of health benefits. it is also valued as an effective hair treatment that may slow the progress of premature hair loss by stimulating the hair follicles.

  3. Jennifer K. says

    I would like to subscribe for 12 months of the magazine and the herb boxes, but I can’t figure out what option that is on Kickstarter. Help?