Lavender Mint Lip Balm Recipe

DIY Lavender mint lip balm

I used to be intimidated by lip balm. Well, not lip balm itself, but making the stuff. It seemed … complicated.

Even after creating my own herbal remedies for a few years, I was still a bit afraid of lip balm (and soap – but I got over that, too) until I found a simple recipe that I knew I could handle.

Now, I make lip balm pretty frequently. I often give it as a gift and offer it in my Etsy shop. After my first attempt at lip balm, I realized that I could infuse the coconut oil with herbs to make it even better for my lips.

This lavender mint lip balm keeps your lips silky smooth with its healing and moisturizing properties. It can be made as is or you can omit the herbs for an even simpler lip balm. Either way, I think you’ll love it.

Lavender Mint Healing Lip Balm | Shalom Mama

Ingredients needed:


Heat your oven to 200 degrees and turn it off. Melt the coconut oil on low heat then add herbs. Let them sit for five minutes on the low heat for five minutes then transfer them to your oven.

Let the herbs steep there for four hours or longer. Strain the herbs from the oil (if the mixture solidifies in the oven, just warm it on the stove until it melts again, then strain) and put the strained oil back in a pan on the stove top on low heat.

Add the wax and let it melt. Then add the essential oils. (If you smell the lip balm and it’s not as strong as you’d like, add a few more drops). Pour it into clean, dry containers.

Have you made your own lip balm?


  1. Beth K. says

    When do you add EOs? (Really, 40 drops? Whoa! Even if they’re as powerful as doTERRA?)

  2. says

    Thanks for pointing that out! I updated the recipe with when to add the oils and changed the amount (I accidentally wrote down the amount I use for a bulk batch that yields way more lip balm). Sorry!

  3. Beth K. says

    Thanks, Nina! I will have to try this. I have everything but the marshmallow root, and I think I’ll try it without that. I’ve had such trouble making lip balm before; usually the mixture separates as it cools and makes a mess. Hope this time it works. I think the key is low heat.

  4. Deb says

    What else could you use besides lavender as my daughter does not care for the smell of it. Love your blog!

  5. says

    Thanks, Deb! I also do an orange mint combination that I really like. My cousin suggested grapefruit and I think I’m going to try it next time.

  6. says

    I’m a little confused, never making balm before, but do you use the oil or the herbs in the final product? (Strain the herbs from the oil (if it solidifies in the oven, just warm it on the stove until it melts again) and put them back in a pan on the stove top on low heat)…

  7. Marta Goertzen says

    Once you start making your own – it is reallllly hard to go back to store bought! I haven’t used infused oils yet – will definitely want to try that.

  8. Christina says

    Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog and hope to make the lip balm soon! I have heard about making your own colored lipstick using crayons. Wondering if it would work to add some crayon wax to the balm for some color?

  9. Stacy says

    How much does this make? I’m wondering how many little containers I should have on hand before I get started!

  10. says

    Nina, what is the shelf life for your fabulous lavender mint healing lip balm? I’m making some right now and I want to give it for Christmas. Will it last long after Christmas?

  11. Luke says

    question: How many 1oz tin containers would this recipe fill? Trying to calculate making a bigger batch for gifts. Thank you!

  12. DJ says

    This sounds like a great first project for the block of beeswax I recently bought at a farmer’s market! Do you know how much 3 T of beeswax would weigh?

  13. says

    Hi dear, by putting 5 drops of lavender and 5 drops of peppermint , will the peppermint smell stronger than the lavender?

  14. says

    I use equal amounts (though I prefer it a bit stronger) and I can smell them both nicely. If it gets done and you want to change it, you can add more of either oil. Though you’ll want to do one drop at a time.

  15. Kelly Lee says

    Wondering when to add the marshmallow root? I found it online and I assume you would use the liquid dropper right? I’ve never made lip balm before and have recently started using essential oils.

  16. Joyce says

    Hello Nina! I really like your recipe I think its cool and I want to try! However, I was wondering, you suggested using coconut oil or cocoa butter as the base, but will the final product have the scent/taste of the base? Because I am not really a huge fan of the coconut taste. And while cocoa butter would taste great, I would probably have to be careful of the EO I want to use to add scent. Thanks!

  17. says

    I haven’t noticed a coconut taste at all – especially with these two essential oils. I make it with coconut oil because I’m really not a fan of cocoa butter and it’s hard to cover up that smell/taste.


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