2013 Natural Christmas Gift Guide

My son asked me the other day what I would do if I had a billion dollars. Before I could answer, my daughter piped up and said, “I know! She’d give it away!” This made me smile (and, okay, tear up a little) because my kids know how special giving is to me.

Natural Gift Guide

I love giving because not only does it bless the recipient, but it’s such a blessing to the giver as well. At least, it is for me. Showing the people I love how special they are to me is so much fun and another great way to express creativity. (This is how the Beer Fairy got its start.)

Which is one of the reasons I love Christmas so much.

Another reason is that I get to spread the natural living love. Many of the gifts I give are homemade (more on that next time), but some are purchased.

When it comes to natural gifts, I have a few favorite shops that provide high-quality, natural items that are great for a number of people on your gift list.

Willow Rose Body Care

Kellie was so sweet and sent me her sampler set earlier this year. And it just happened to arrive on my birthday. How awesome is that?

Natural Gift Guide: Willow Rose Sampler Set

I started using the goodies she sent me and immediately fell in love with her citrus facial cleaner. Oh my goodness. Maybe you should get one for yourself as well. It makes my face smooth and soft and very, very happy.

Here’s a little of what you can find in her shop:

Through December, you can save 15% with the code: save15.

The Nature Walk

I have to tell you about my sweet friend, Juanita. She’s a friend of a few of my friends and I had met her all of an hour before she invited my family of 6 to stay in her home for as long as we wanted. We took her up on that offer and stayed almost a week in her lovely home on the Oregon coast. I really didn’t want to leave, as she and her family are so hospitable (and her art studio is AMAZING).

Juanita owns an Etsy shop called the nature walk. It’s filled with some seriously cute, creative gift ideas that are great for kids and adults alike.

Here’s what she offers:

Please visit the nature walk and take a look at all the beautiful stuff she creates. And, if you order, please send her my love.

Barefoot Surf Boutique

Juanita also owns another shop called barefoot Surf boutique. In it she sells upcycled bags, clutches and iPhone cozies made from old coffee sacks. I LOVE them and was so delighted last year when Ian bought me one of her bags for Christmas.

Natural Gift guide: barefoot Surf boutique

Here’s everything you can find in her shop:

YonderHill Farm Soap

A few months ago, I got the best email from a blog reader that I have ever received. I immediately responded and Jennah and I have been friends since.

Jennah also sent me a gift that I got on my birthday and I was so excited to find a package with items she’d made on her farm in New York. We devoured the edible goodies, and I’ve made her YonderHill Farm soap our traveling soap, an extra special treat I get to use whenever we go out of town.

If you want some of Jennah’s goat milk soaps, you can buy them online. Here are some of the scents:

Scratch Mommy

Jessica is the creative mind behind Scratch Mommy, a blog about real food recipes and non-toxic household products . In addition to blogging, she also creates natural skincare products that she sells in her online shop.

She uses all certified organic ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, lavender essential oil, and jojoba oil. Here’s some of what you’ll find in her shop:

Where do you like to buy natural gifts?

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  1. says

    Great list! Now I have several new stores to add to my Christmas shopping list! My wallet is so angry with me now :)

    Usually I like to purchase my homemade gifts from Whipped Body Butters [http://whippedgoods.com] or Belle Butters [www.bellebutters.com]. These woman make amazing 100% natural organic skincare that I purchase for myself and family and friends