Natural Living Giveaway: Lip Balm, Healing Balm, Soothing Bath Tea and Simple Natural Health

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I’ve been itching to do a giveaway but could not figure out what to give away. Something for the kitchen? Maybe a gift certificate?

And then I thought, “Duh, I have an Etsy shop and a book. Maybe I should start there.”

So, this week, I’m giving away a paperback copy of my book, Simple Natural Health, as well as some goodies from my Etsy shop. Hurray for natural living goodness!

Here are the product details:

Simple Natural Health (the paperback)

Simple Natural Health is the book I wish I’d had a few years ago as I became more intentional about my family’s health. This book isn’t just another dogmatic “what not to eat” guide to food.

Rather, it’s a holistic approach to health – mind, body and soul – with a lot of money and time saving tips thrown in.

You’ll love the comprehensive guide to using herbs and my tips for saving money on nourishing whole foods.

Healing Balm

The herbal combination soothes inflammation and promotes healing. Shea butter and coconut oil moisturize skin and offer antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. Ideal for dry, chapped hands, minor boo-boos, baby bottoms and skin that need a little TLC.

Contains: organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, calendula, comfrey, arnica, marshmallow root, plaintain, yarrow, candelilla wax and therapeutic-grade essential oils.

This balm is really great at healing … everything. At least, everything I’ve tried it on. It’s also great for soothing pain.

I didn’t even think about that until someone used it and said it took away the pain of something really quickly. I’ve used it successfully for burn relief and to ease pain and bruising after 300 pounds of bus paneling fell over on my foot.

Lip Balm

Set of two. Designed to make dry, chapped lips kiss-ably soft. This herbal lip balm teams the healing power of calendula with therapeutic-grade essential oils.

All are infused in moisturizing organic coconut oil. It smells so good you can’t wait to reapply it. Comes in a .5 oz tin in both Lavender Mint and Citrus Mint.

Soothing Herbal Bath Tea

Brew tea. Draw bath. Relax.

Ideal for mamas (and skin) that need a little TLC. Contains: calendula, chamomile, comfrey lavender, oats and plaintain.

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Buena suerte!


  1. says

    I would LOVE to try your lip balm…. And I’m always eager to read more about a healthier approach to living! Thanks for doing a give-away, and have a wonderful day!

  2. Shelly Linn says

    You are my new hero! I’m learning so much from you and know that you were put here for a reason! God Bless you!

  3. Gina Lamb says

    All of it!!! You have introduced me to the best essential oils ever so I would love to try your awesome products and share this book with a friend of mine.:) since I have already read it and loved and used it to make many changes in our everyday life. :) :)

  4. Brenda Jahnke says

    I’m most excited about your book, but all of the products look wonderful and I would love to try them all!

  5. says

    Nina – will you send this to Luxembourg if I win? :-) I would absolutely LOVE to have it. Specially the healing balm which sounds like THE thing for my daughters skin… and the book – for me :-)

  6. susan says

    the healing balm seems to be the perfect solution for an all in 1 go to for minor skin issues for everyone in the family!

  7. Love says

    I would so looove to have a copy of this book :). I am an RN and currently researching a lot on health & wellness in the beauty aspect of our lives. I am relearning how to go back to being organic after being trained in by western medicine on our reliance to chemicals to better our lives. This book will be such a complement to my “regrowth”. The balms & tea will be great delicious experiences, too! :)

  8. Amy Simonson says

    Always love to read about natural health. Learn something new every time. Having a copy at home makes it handy to flip through when I am looking something up.

  9. Annette says

    I would love to have this book as a jumping off point in the sea of healthy living products. It sounds exactly like what I am looking for. I will be taking a 4 day wild foods outdoor course in June, am logging all I can about whole foods and natural cures and feel that at my age, 52, it’s about time I not only collect knowledge and dabble, but actually join the revolution! Thank you for the opportunity and thank you for your teachings!

  10. says

    Oh! I hope I win! I can’t wait to get my hands on some of that healing balm. If I don’t win, I think I’ll just have to buy some!

  11. Jessica L. P. says

    Healing Balm. I’d love to have something to rub on my sweetheart’s hands that would moisturize and heal his cuts!

  12. says

    Commented on your arnica post but feel compelled to add that the sooner you put arnica on bruising the better it works. My daughter has had an accident prone week poor thing. She bumped her head at a friends house and came back with an egg which I duly arnica’d there is a small bruise there. That night she fell out of the top bunk of her bed and hurt her chin and lip. I put arnica on her chin straight away. No bruising at all. Sadly she does have a swollen lip but I was not comfortable putting arnica on that.

  13. Erin says

    I think I’m most excited about the herbal bath tea. I’ve just recently relearned the JOY of a hot soak. It’s so nice to be intentional about enjoying yourself & making yourself feel good. And a hot soak is MUCH more effective on my poor achy spots than pills & creams.

  14. Hilary says

    I am most excited about the healing balm…living more naturally (chemical free ect.) is something I’m trying to do but I’m realizing it’s all about small steps adding up. :)


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