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Looking for info and pics on the school bus we’re currently converting into an RV for our family of six? You’ve come to the right place!

Bus Sweet Bus. Come tour the bus remodel over at Shalom Mama.

The Latest Update

Bus Sweet Bus: a Special Announcement & the Latest Bus Tour

Past Updates

Bus Conversion Tour: It’s Almost Done (I love the shower!)

Big Family, Small Space: Our Bus Update

Big Family, Small Space: School Bus Update

Big Family, Small Space: School Bus Q&A

DIY Bus Conversion: Before You Get Started

DIY Bus Conversion: Choosing a Bus

Bus Gallery

A little more progress …

As of February 1, 2014:

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Helpful Resources

These resources have helped us on this journey. Please check them out.

Want to learn more about living in a tiny space and catch a feature on our “home school bus”? Grab Issue 11 of Tiny House Magazine:

Tiny House Magazine - with a feature of the Shalom Mama "home school bus"

Nina Nelson

Hi I'm Nina. Healer. Writer. Wellness advocate. Mama of four. Former bus dweller now focused on exploring simple hospitality. I love Jesus, simple natural living, coffee, and Shetland ponies.