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You’re not just here looking for easy answers. You want something more. You long for the skills and know-how that so many generations of women before us needed to take care of their families. You’re craving community – one with like-minded women who won’t chuckle at your silly alternative ideas, but embrace them and share their own. And you don’t want to keep everything you’ve learned to yourself – you want to share¬†what you love with others so they can benefit as you have.

You want to be the woman who nurtures and heals her family and teaches other women how to do the same. The woman who encourages others to learn and test what works for them but is always available as a resource.

The woman who whips up a remedy or pours a cup of tea or lends a listening ear to the friend in need.

This world needs more nurturers and healers spreading their love to their families and communities. More wise women leading a movement to change the world starting at home.

More women just like you.

Your vision of wellness is a bit different than the conventional advice to eat well and exercise often. Yes, that’s important to you, but you know there’s more to it. Your time spent pursuing a healthier life has taught you a few things (and maybe even earned you a nickname like “crunchy”):

  • You know that intuition plays a large part in this – you feel your way through life as much as you do your research (and goodness knows, you love to learn).
  • You’ve learned that if something is too complicated or fueled by the wrong motivations, it won’t be sustainable long-term.
  • And you know that wellness doesn’t happen in a vacuum – everything we do affects it.

True wellness is holistic. And sustainably simple.

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