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Hi, I’m Nina. Holistic living coach, author, healer and mama of four. Follower of Jesus, former school bus dweller, pursuing hospitality wholeheartedly. I’m a huge fan of microbrews, coffee and miniature horses (I could giggle at them all day).

I’ve spent countless hours researching, studying, and synthesizing the best of what holistic wellness has to offer today’s families. And it is my passion to share what I’ve learned in way that’s easy to understand, implement and sustain.

You can read more about me here.

Shalom Mama

Shalom Mama is my online home where I share all the goodness I create – books, classes, blog posts, recipes and even herbal remedies in my Etsy shop.

I also share my favorite resources for living more holistically – courses, books, products and, of course, essential oils (click here to learn more about my Tribe – my special online community designed to support you as you bring essential oils into your home).

Why Shalom Mama? I’ve always loved the word shalom (so much so that it’s tattooed on my right wrist) because of its meaning:

Peace. Wholeness. Wellness. Completeness.

It’s just so … holistic. I want that. And my guess is that you do, too.

Want to get a jump start on creating a healthier home with holistic wellness and embracing shalom in your life? Grab my free guide right now.

It’s got all sorts of great, simple tips.

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