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Welcome to Shalom Mama! My name is Nina. I’m a wife, mom of four and simple, natural living enthusiast. I offer ways to simplify, create wellness and empower moms to be more intentional in their lives.

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I started this blog as a creative outlet and to share how my family combines natural wellness and simple living. Soon, others started reading and connected with my message. This has been such an adventure!

About Shalom Mama

I post a few times a week on a variety of topics related to simple natural living. Expect posts on homemaking, family, health and, well, living.

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If you’ve only got a few minutes to spare before the kids realize that you’ve stolen away, you can read my most popular posts:

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What do I sell?

I’m a frugal minimalist, but I have certain products that I use on a regular basis because I love them, they’re high quality and they help me keep things simple. So here, you’ll find recommendations for places like:

  • Vitacost – Online resource for real food.
  • Craftsy – Online classes for all things crafty.
  • Mountain Rose Herbs – Organic herbs.
  • Vintage Remedies – Books and courses for natural living.
  • My Etsy Shop – Dragonfly Remedies. Herbal Remedies for the whole family.
  • doTERRA – Essential oils and wellness supplements.
  • Juice Plus – Bridges the gap between how many fruits and veggies you should eat and how many you actually eat. I love this stuff.

In addition to offering essential oils and essential oil-based health products, doTERRA offers the opportunity to build a business for financial freedom. Owning my own business is a very important part of my simple life.


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Please remember that I am also a human being. While I respect different opinions, I ask that they not be shared in a mean or hateful way. When commenting, please be respectful.


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