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Hi, I’m Nina, mother of four, former school bus dweller and I’m now pursuing hospitality wholeheartedly. I’m a lover of herbs, coffee and mini horses (seriously, I could giggle at them all day). I’m also an author, intuitive designer & essential oil educator.

Shalom Mama horsey family.

My work centers around creating happier, healthier homes naturally. You can read more about me here.

Shalom Mama

Shalom Mama is my online home where I share all the goodness I create – books, classes, blog posts and recipes.

I also share my favorite resources for creating a happier, healthier home – courses, books, products and, of course, essential oils (click here to learn more about my Tribe – my special online community designed to support you as you bring essential oils into your home).

Why Shalom Mama? I’ve always loved the Hebrew word shalom (so much so that it’s tattooed on my right wrist) because of its meaning:

Peace. Wholeness. Wellness. Completeness.

It’s just so … holistic. I want that. And my guess is that you do, too.

Natural Gift Ideas

Natural Gift Ideas for Any Occasion - free ebook from Shalom Mama Oh! I have a gift for you. I’m all about natural living and DIY, plus my love language is giving. So I created a free ebook called Natural Gift Ideas for Any Occasion. Also, a lot of readers have been asking for these ideas.

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It’s got all sorts of great, simple tips.


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