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Is tiny living right for you?I’m so pleased to share a guest post today from Ethan Waldman. Ethan is a tiny living expert who recently wrote a book on things to consider before you go tiny. Many of you have asked questions about various aspects of our bus journey and a common one was whether it was right for you. So 

Read on for some great tips and a chance to win the complete digital edition, which includes the book plus interviews and video bonuses!

Between FYI’s Tiny House Nation reality show and the (wonderful) Tiny, The Movie documentary splashing the recommended section on Netflix, Tiny Houses are everywhere. And while America is clearly falling in love with tiny houses, tiny living is something else entirely!

Do you think tiny living is right for you? Here are four questions you have to ask yourself before you make the transition to living tiny.

Are you okay with a little bit of ambiguity?

There’s a lot of ambiguity when it comes to tiny house living. First and foremost, is legal ambiguity. The Tiny House Movement is very new, and most city zoning ordinances haven’t caught up, which means that most tiny houses break the law in some way or another.

Are you okay with owning [a lot] less?

When I built my tiny house, I added what I consider to be ample storage. There are two closets in the loft for clothes, plus 4 large spaces under the couch for baskets with additional clothes and other supplies.

However, living in a tiny house means having very little “extra” of anything. You’ll really need to change your shopping and buying habits (no more stocking up on things for the freezer!) when you live in a tiny house.

Are you comfortable with your loved ones?

I mean really comfortable. Because in a tiny house, there isn’t a lot of private space. When my girlfriend Ann needs some time to meditate, she goes up into our loft, but it’s still open to the “great room” in the main cabin.

Are you willing to start experiencing more and buying less?

When you don’t have much space for new possessions, your entire perspective on living life shifts. You no longer seek to buy new things to make yourself feel good. Rather, you seek out new experiences and connections to do it. This shift is one of the most profound and welcome changes I’ve experienced in my life.

Want to learn more about Tiny Houses?

Hi, I’m Ethan and I’ll be your guide! I’m proud to introduce Tiny House Decisions: Everything I wish I knew when I built my tiny house.

In it, I cover all of the major decisions you’ll need to make before, during, and after building your tiny house, including all the systems (like heat) and construction choices (like reclaimed hard wood floors vs. new ones).

If you’re planning to start living tiny, I sincerely hope you’re able to download this resource to help you make your journey as smooth as possible!

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May this book serve you well in your tiny living journey.