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I was ready to chuck my computer across the bus. It was Tuesday afternoon, and Wednesday’s blog post was nowhere close to being ready. Ok, I hadn’t even started it yet.

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But I had to get something scheduled for the following morning and I was out of ideas. Surely there was something I felt inspired to write about. Nope. Nothing. Frustrated, I slammed my laptop shut and went outside.

I wish I could say this was the exception, not the rule. Unfortunately, this has become a pretty regular thing (I really should take it easier on my Macbook).

Once upon a time, I was excited to write new posts. I couldn’t wait to share new things I’d learned. Occasionally, I’d pull out my soap box and share my passion about certain topics, feeling refreshed and alive and a little bit scared to hit the publish button.

Lately, though, creative ideas have been a bit hard to come by and I knew it was time to step back and assess what I was doing so I’d know how to solve my creativity problem.

Thankfully, the solution wasn’t complicated and I’ve taken some simple steps to get back in my creative groove.

Do you also need help breaking through writer’s block (or just overcoming a creative hurdle)? I’ve got some ideas for you to try:


It’s time to unplug. Maybe that means going screen-free for a week long fast or every Sunday. Just untangle yourself from the web and connect with real life. Often, stepping away from Pinterest is the best way to get ideas.

Stop “shoulding” on yourself

I first heard my friend Shelly say this and I love it. How often do you try to force things you feel you should instead of things you truly enjoy? For instance, the pressure to post on Wednesday came from nobody but myself.

Instead of continuing to force my blog post, I just let it go (cue Frozen soundtrack …) and didn’t post. And nobody died because I didn’t stick to my self-imposed schedule.

Dangle a carrot

Maybe there’s some creative task you need to get done but are having a hard time finding the motivation for. (If your business involves writing things for the inter web, sometimes you just need to get ‘er done.) Dangle a carrot.

Maybe it’s a hot bath with essential oils after you complete your task. Or a cup of coffee with your best friend. Or whatever simple thing brings you joy. It’s much easier to get work done when you know something wonderful is waiting for you.

Make it fun

Creativity is fun. How often do you get in the creative mode and suddenly find that five hours have flown because you were enjoying yourself so much? How do you make it fun again?

Maybe all it takes is a short break or learning something new. Maybe you just need to try it in a different setting or with some great music in the background.


Spending time in nature is good for the soul. And the creative process. One of my favorite ways to get the creative juices flowing again is to take a walk outside. I love the fresh air and beautiful scenery.

And there’s something about stepping away from your task and moving your body that makes it easier to complete when you get back.

Take care of yourself

I can’t tell you how many baths I’ve abandoned because I suddenly had a brilliant idea for a blog post. Isn’t that how it goes, though? You make time for self-care, clear your mind and decide to stop forcing it. And then, voila!

You’re suddenly brimming with ideas and can’t find pen and paper fast enough.


Read a book (here’s my summer reading list). Take an online course. Watch an educational documentary.

You can’t draw water from an empty well. Likewise, it’s hard to create when you’re not learning on a regular basis. Carve out a little time to learn each day if you can.

I’ve been busy implementing all of these suggestions and I’m so pleased with the results. I want to write again and I’m brimming with ideas. There’s more me in my writing than there’s been in a long time. And a business that once seemed so hard and stressful is suddenly joyful and fun.

I’ll take more of that, please.