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“This balm is amazing. I received it yesterday, and while getting a hot baking pan out of the oven I burned myself. I normally use honey but instead I used The Balm and it took the burning sting out of it. This morning, there is no burn mark and no pain.” Marcia


“I have used it for sun burned lips, dry hands, body massage, sore muscles and use it almost everyday!! “MAGICAL!!” Brett

Finally beat the diaper rash!

“My son had a friction/ chafing rash where his diaper hits his inner leg for 2.5 months. Nothing we tried was really helping much, even switching diapers. We were at our wits end. Then it was suggested that we try this. Cleared it up in a matter of days! Now anytime he’s starting to look irritated or he scratches himself, I put this on and it disappears in hours. Thank you so much!” acarruthers10

Tiny Apothecary is a gathering place for wise women.

You’ll find tutorials, tips and encouragement for today’s wise woman, including posts on:

Kitchen Witchery (natural remedies, natural skincare, herbal cookery)

How to Declutter Your Home: The Toys

“Ok, kids. You can watch a movie. But. You need to clean up your toys first.” “But Mama! It’s tooooo hard!” “Sorry, guys, but the toys need to be picked up first.” Fast forward thirty minutes; the toys are still everywhere and there’s a lot of whining and complaining...

Top 12 non-toxic personal care products (that you don’t have to make yourself)

Right now as you read this page, there are about 700 chemicals coursing through your body, many of which likely came from the cleaning supplies and personal care products that line store shelves.¹ Seven. Hundred. How is that even remotely ok? These chemicals...

3 Ways to Heat Food Without a Microwave

Several ago, I got this crazy idea to do away with our microwave. We rarely used it and I was in the midst of my first big decluttering session - if we didn't need it, I didn't want it! I also didn't like the taste of the food we heated with our microwave and I had a...

3 steps for finding more time to learn about herbs

You're intrigued by herbalism and the idea of using natural remedies to keep your family healthy - you've always wanted to be the Village Wise Woman, after all. You've just got one problem: time. There are already lots of committments in your life and the thought of...

Should you DIY or buy natural skincare products?

You've decided to use all-natural products to protect yourself and your family from the toxic chemicals that are abundant in today's personal care products. But. Do you DIY or buy? And while it would be really easy to give you a cut and dry answer to the question,...

How to make and use lavender oil facial cleanser (oil cleansing method)

Today I wanted to share a quick recipe for lavender oil facial cleanser. It's used for the oil cleansing method and if you're not familiar with the oil cleansing method, I recommend checking out this post first. This cleanser takes just a few simple ingredients and...

15 Simple Tips for Creating a Natural Lifestyle

Natural living has a lot of appeal. Savings. Better Health. Less stress. But how do you get started? Do you have to stop washing your hair and wear burlap clothing to enjoy the benefits of natural living? No. Unless, you know, you want to do that. 😉 What is natural...

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