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Shalom Mama is about simple natural living. I offer tools, resources and encouragement to help you create a simpler, more intentional, natural lifestyle.

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Topics cover all aspects of simple natural living: herbs, essential oils, natural remedies,  homemaking, DIY, sustainability, simplifying possessions and pursuing a more intentional life.

You know, just my favorite topics. 🙂 Read more here.

I have a gift for you:

I believe all of these topics fit within the realm of holistic wellness. Deciding to pursue wellness is a crucial first step that anyone must make. But the most important thing of all?


It’s hard to take action if you don’t have the proper tools, though. That’s why I’ve created Everyday Crunchy and the Shalom Mama newsletter; to equip you with the resources you need to be successful.

Intentionally pursuing a better life doesn’t have to be hard. Or expensive. But it is transformative. And incredible.

And these tools will help you take sustainable steps toward the natural wellness you crave. Faster. Simpler. Crunchier.

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