Every wise woman needs an herbal apothecary

Download the free PDF guide, 12 Essential Ingredients to Start Your Herbal Apothecary, for the top herbs, essential oils and raw ingredients you need for your tiny apothecary. It also includes:

  • Natural remedy cheat sheet
  • Quick tutorials
  • Tips on the best places to find said ingredients

How to use essential oils safely with kids

You want to keep your family healthy naturally. You know, based on your research, that plant-based remedies are a good move. They're safe. They're effective. They can save you a lot of money. And you like that essential oils are a super easy way to use herbs in your...

How to Declutter Your Home: The Toys

This is part of a series on decluttering – a fantastic way to increase clarity and focus and decrease stress. Read How to Declutter Your Home: Before You Begin, How to Declutter the Kitchen, How to Declutter the Bedroom, and  How to Declutter the Bathroom. “Ok, kids....

Simple isn’t always frugal

Sometimes, money does buy happiness. Had I uttered these words a few years ago, it would have felt like blasphemy. Living simply played a huge role in getting us out of debt. I was frugal to the core. And yet, I wasn't. I thought the experience would make me frugal...