Essential Oils

I’m thrilled you want to start using essential oils. And this is where you can find the highest quality and most effective oils in the world.

Essential oils + community. Join the Shalom Mama Tribe. Whether you just need a few essential oils or want to completely transform your family’s healthcare, doTERRA is the only resource you’ll ever need.

doTERRA essential oils are my favorite tool for simplifying natural living and have a myriad of uses in the natural home: cleaning, healthcare, cooking, etc.

Learn how to use essential oils!
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Home Essentials

The best way to start using essential oils is by purchasing a kit with everything you need to do the basics. You save off the retail price by buying in bulk, plus you’ll get 25% off of your future orders.

To get the basics at a good deal, I recommend the Home Essentials Kit. It contains three times the oils than the basic kit (which I bought and went through really quickly).

The kit comes with 11 essential oils (click here to see the full list), plus doTERRA’s wholesale membership (the total valued at $368.90).

This will give you most of the oils you need to simplify your life. (And save you over $168 off that retail price I just mentioned.)

Natural Solutions

But if you want more - and you want the best deal – you’re going to want to purchase a kit like the Natural Solutions Kit.

If I could go back and start over with DoTerra, I’d get this kit upfront, because this kit comes with more than just essential oils (though you get 19 of those - click here to see the full list).

You’ll also get to try doTERRA’s amazing supplements and everyday personal care items that will help you instantly transform the way you care for your family.

Plus, you’ll also get a FREE diffuser, wooden storage box and wholesale membership. If you were to buy all of this stuff retail, it would cost $806.83. But when you buy the kit, you save more than $256 and you get 25% off all future orders. Win.

You’ll also get access to the private Shalom Mama Tribe and a free wellness consult to help you get started.

Learn how to use essential oils!
Receive a FREE copy of the Essential Oil Starter Guide. Just enter your email address below.

Get started

Now’s the time. Because when you choose an enrollment kit, doTERRA will give you $50 in free essential oils to say thank you. But this deal is only good until the end of July.

Follow these easy instructions and you’ll have your kit in your hands in no time:

  • EnrollClick here, choose the Wellness Advocate option and fill out the form. Choose your kit.
  • Sign up for Loyalty Rewards. You’ll see an option after you fill out your form to join this amazing program. Want to save money by getting stuff you’d normally buy at Target for 25% off? Check. Want to earn free product credits every single time you place an order? Check.
  • Email me to set up a time to chat. I offer every new person who enrolls through me a free 30-minute wellness consult. We’ll set up an action plan to make integrating essential oils into your life as simple as possible.
  • Sit back and smile. Because you’ve just taken the first step toward transforming your family’s healthcare.

An opportunity

Join the Shalom Mama Tribe

Hey mama. It’s time you started earning some cash for sharing your passion about natural wellness.

I know it’s so hard not to share the amazing things you learn (and I know you love learning) with the people you love – you just want to help them, right? I know. I’m the same way.

Which is why I think you’d love being a part of my tribe. We learn. We teach. We spread the word about natural wellness and empower families to live healthier lives. Then we watch the miracles happen. It’s simple, fun and incredibly fulfilling.

Want to be a part of that? Apply here.

Ready? Let’s do this.

Learn how to use essential oils!
Receive a FREE copy of the Essential Oil Starter Guide. Just enter your email address below.

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