doTERRA Essential Oils: Simplicity + Natural Living

I’m thrilled you want to start using essential oils. And this is where you can find the highest quality and most effective oils in the world to help you simplify natural living.

doTERRA essential oils: simplicity + natural living. How to get (and use) high quality essential oils.
Whether you just need a few essential oils for your DIY cleaning recipes or want to completely transform your family’s healthcare, doTERRA is the only resource you’ll ever need.

How to get doTERRA essential oils

The first option is as a retail customer, which you can do simply by clicking here. But. doTERRA offers different levels of savings based on how often you’ll be buying essential oils. So you can buy retail or become a member and save 25% on all orders.

You know you’ll probably want to stick with retail if:

  • You’ll only be buying lemon essential oil in the next 12 months.
  • You’ll be spending less than $50 on this order.

Those are the only reasons I can think of for buying retail. And you can buy retail here.

If neither of those scenarios apply to you, read on about how becoming a member saves you 25% on all orders.

Wholesale Membership: Or how to save 25% as a Wellness Advocate

doTERRA is unique in that it offers a membership account as a way to help people save money on high-quality essential oils. When you decide to become a member, you sign up as a Wellness Advocate (don’t you love that title?) and choose the starter kit that fits your needs.

All orders made through your Wellness Advocate account are 25% off the retail price.

So how do you set up a Wellness Advocate account? Simple.

1. Visit my website and choose your starter kit. There are a lot to choose from. I highly recommend the Natural Solutions Kit, Home Essentials Kit or Family Physician Kit. If you’re not sure which one to choose, contact me and I’d be happy to help.

2. Wholesale checkout. Once you’ve chosen the perfect starter kit for your needs, add it to your cart and checkout. Once you fill out your info, you’ll be given the option for Wholesale Checkout. Choose that option and follow the simple instructions.

3. Sign up for loyalty rewards. This is totally optional, but I encourage you to sign up if you’ll be ordering regularly. This is one of the best ways to save money with doTERRA. You can order things you might buy already, like toothpaste, laundry detergent, and, of course, essential oils. And every order you place earns you free product credits to use toward whatever you like (this is how I was able to build my oil stash and get higher priced oils – for free).

4. Email me. Once you’ve done that, please let me know you’ve joined my tribe! I love getting to know everyone who becomes a Wellness Advocate through me. Plus, that’ll get you access to the private Shalom Mama Tribe even sooner and we can set up a time for your free wellness consult to help you create an action plan for your new starter kit. Eek! I’m excited and can’t wait to hear from you!

How to use essential oils

Want to know more about how to use essential oils? There’s so much information out there and I know it can be super overwhelming. That’s why I put together this simple starter guide, based on common questions I got about essential oils from my readers.

It’s definitely not comprehensive (essential oils can be used for so many things), but it will give you an idea of how to use them and a few things you can use them for.

If you’d like the free guide, just enter your email address below and check your inbox for the link to the download.

Learn how to use essential oils!
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An opportunity

Join the Shalom Mama Tribe

When you create your Wellness Advocate account, you also get the ability to share the oils with others and earn some extra money. If you choose to. Many people decide to take advantage of the membership purely for the discount and never pursue a business.

That was my intention as well.

But I found that once I started using the oils and having amazing experiences, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut about them. That’s just what happens when I find something I love that has given me great results.

And I know many, many people also love to share things they love.

So if you get your starter kit, fall in love and want to share the oils with the world, just let me know if you have questions. I’d love to point you to some helpful resources and introduce you to the other members of our tribe who are sharing oils (in a non-spammy way).

I’ll talk to you soon,


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