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One of my favorite things about the internet has been finding other moms who are living life how I want to, albeit a few steps ahead. But I think that’s the best part. I’ve been able to learn so much from them and, in turn, share it with others.

While this isn’t the full list of moms who have inspired me, this is a great list of intentional moms who are changing the world with the messages they share.

Suchada Eickemeyer of Mama Eve

Suchada and her sweet little guys

I first discovered Suchada through a blog post she did called: You Might be a Countercultural Mama if…It was hilarious and I was laughing and nodding my head the whole way through. As I dug through her site some more, I found a wealth of information that really ties into her tagline: exploring the full spectrum of natural parenting.

I got to hang out with Suchada and her adorable boys one summer afternoon and I love that she practices what she shares on the site. Her blog has been so helpful on my journey toward more intentional parenting.

Tsh Oxenreider of Simple Mom

Simple Mom is a productivity blog for home managers written by a world-travelling, homeschooling mom of three. Tsh and her team write about all things intentional living, including money management, frugal living, natural remedies and working from home. I love the great advice I find there.

I’m also hoping to run into Tsh someday at a coffee shop in Bend, since we live thirty minutes from each other. Or I could, you know, intentionally reach out to her…

Rachel Jonat of The Minimalist Mom

I love what Rachel has to say about minimalism because it comes from the perspective of a mom with a small child. I can relate! I love her mix of how-to and make-you-think posts.

I’m especially fond of her posts about finances and being a minimalist with kids. Rachel and her husband are pay-for-it-in-cash, spend-less-than-you-make people who are living a rich life with less stuff. I love it!

Dusti Arab of Undefinable You

When I tweeted Dusti that I was going to be in Portland, kid-less, I didn’t know what to expect. What I got was an invitation for coffee and, as it turns out, a new best friend. I was inspired by her book, Minimalist Mom, and fell in love with her authentic, no-bullshit attitude.

She’s working on a new project right now, Rebel Mama, which explores raising kids without losing yourself. It’s going to be witty, inspiring and probably controversial. Sounds about right. 🙂

Kate Tietje of Modern Alternative Mama

Kate is the god-send that saved my sweet tooth from dying a miserable, lonely death. I don’t remember how I found Modern Alternative Mama, but I am so glad that I did. Kate offers in-depth, useful information about whole foods nutrition, natural living and grain-free eating.

Her book, Treat Yourself, was just what I needed after I cut out sugar and grains and couldn’t find a single thing that I wanted to eat. (The brownies are so delicious).

Lindsay Edmonds of Passionate Homemaking

I’ve gotten a lot of great stuff from Lindsay’s blog: home remedies, help with my grocery budget and the most delicious chili and cornbread recipe ever. Seriously, it’s amazing.

Lindsay’s passion is helping other moms find joy in homemaking, two words that don’t often go together. But she knows the power and peace of creating a joyful home and lovingly shares her message with the world.

Sara Janssen of Walk Slowly, Live Wildly

Happy Janssens (minus one beautiful new addition)

Sara and her adorable family are living an adventure and sharing it with the world. I was so inspired with the things Sara blogged about – natural living, minimalism, living an adventure, loving people like Jesus wouldthat I couldn’t get enough.

Maybe it was because I’d never heard of those concepts before, but mostly I think it was because Sara’s genuine personality shines through in her writing.

Tara Wagner of The Organic Sister

Tara Wagner is like the big sister I always wanted. I found her through Sara’s blog and quickly connected to her passion for living life more organically. She covers everything, from making your own shampoo, to loving your ass the way it is. She’s not afraid to say things that need to be said and I love that about her.

She’s also a life coach who offers great insight into helping people work through past issues and into lives that are more fulfilling. Her book, Digging Deep, was so helpful for me as I worked through some past issues and beliefs that weren’t serving me (like the, “I’m not good enough” lie).

Rachel Meeks of Small Notebook

I was so tickled when I found Rachel’s website. Yes, tickled – I think I giggled a little. If you’re into simple living, but not necessarily a minimalist, I highly recommend heading over there. Some of my favorite posts are about her wardrobe (because style is so not my strength) because she has some great thoughts on making the most out of a small wardrobe.

Her advice has helped me a lot. Though, my wardrobe is still a sad mix of black, dark brown, blue and the occasional shot of green. It’s a process…

Are you familiar with any of these intentional moms?