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A few years ago, I had an idea. A vision, really. It was a new trajectory for my work, a complete departure from what I had been doing. And in some ways, it wasn’t. Over the years, I had been dancing around the idea in my blog topics, not knowing that I was already attracting the people who would share that vision.

It started out as a word. Three words, actually: Village Wise Woman.

Those words have always been a favorite of mine because I have secretly always wanted to be the Village Wise Woman. You know, the woman other women come to when they need a remedy or a cup of herbal tea and a listening ear.

Or as Yael at Village Wise Woman says:

I am the Village Wise Woman.
One among many, but unique nonetheless.
I am here to help you remember
Who you are.


While I could have blown it off as my Leo ego, I knew there was something more there. Beyond wanting to be the wise woman myself, I knew there were other women out there who shared this same yearning.

As luck would have it I was meeting with a business coach soon after having this idea. They asked about my business and blog and wanted to know what I had done and what I was planning. I excitedly shared my vision with them.

“That sounds great”, they said. But.”

Uh oh.

“You’re a Christian blogger. When people hear the term Wise Woman, they think of witches. You don’t want to confuse people – they might think the wrong thing.”

Oh. Of course. I wouldn’t want that. So I did nothing with that idea and went about my business.

(Incidentally, when you search the term, Wise Woman, there are a lot of Christian articles on wisdom. Search for Village Wise Woman and it gets all witchy. Interesting.)

A lot has happened in the three years since that conversation. A lot of changes, a lot of questioning.

I don’t consider myself a Christian blogger anymore (as in, I’m not gearing my content toward Christian women). I’ve been accused of being a witch (turns out, it’s not so bad). And this blog is no longer my main source of income, which removes the (crushing) pressure to hustle my ass off so I can pay the bills.

There is freedom here again and I’m relishing the fact that I can pull the plug if I want to.


What about that vision? What if this became a gathering place for wise women? There are already lots of you here – we’ve chatted via email. And if you don’t consider yourself a wise woman already, you hope to, someday. (My bet, though, is that you already are.)

What if this was a place to inspire and equip? What if this was a place where, despite your beliefs, you could connect with and support other wise women on their journey?


Let’s do that. Together.

If that resonates with you, would you do me a favor? Leave a comment or send me a message and let me know what’s holding you back from embracing your role as wise woman? Are you afraid of being called a witch? Do you feel like you’re just not qualified? Something else entirely? I’d love to know.