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You’ve decided to use all-natural products to protect yourself and your family from the toxic chemicals that are abundant in today’s personal care products.

But. Do you DIY or buy?

And while it would be really easy to give you a cut and dry answer to the question, that’s just not how we roll, is it?

You’re here not just because you dislike chemicals, but because you tend to question the status quo. When someone tells you to do something, you don’t blindly go along with it – you ask why.

And if there’s not a good reason that resonates with your values, you say no.

So today, rather than tell you that you should always DIY everything or that buying natural skincare products is the best way to go, I’m going to instead offer some questions you can ask yourself as you figure this out.

1. What’s my budget?

Frankly, part of my switch to natural skincare products was done in an effort to save money. That’s why, in the beginning, I made everything from scratch.

Even though filling my tiny apothecary had a higher cost upfront, I was able to use those ingredients to make a number of products at less than $1 each.

I saved money further by using these DIY products as gifts and eventually selling them in my natural skincare shop.

Is saving money imperative for you or is there wiggle room in your budget?

2. How much free time do I have?

While it takes approximately five minutes each for me to whip up homemade shampoo or oil facial cleanser, that wasn’t always the case.

There’s a small learning curve when it comes to DIY and at the beginning it takes a bit more time to get the hang of it.

Thankfully, it doesn’t take long at all for it to become second nature. Before you know it, you’ll be mixing up body butter while your homemade yogurt is fermenting and your kombucha tea is cooling.

Do you have extra time to devote to learning how to DIY different projects or do you need to be able to buy what you need and be done with it?

3. Do I like to DIY?

Some people just don’t like to DIY and that’s perfectly ok. At this point in the game, there are some things that I used to DIY that I buy now from companies I trust.

Or, I’ll do half and half and use a DIY product some of the time and a purchased one the rest. For my skin, for instance, I love doTERRA’s Verage skincare line. It’s AMAZING, all-natural and makes my skin look amazing.

Sometimes, though, I switch it up and use my oil facial cleanser or soothing balm as a moisturizer. I’ve made this switch because there are just some things I love to DIY and some I really don’t.

Do you love the feeling of kitchen witchery that comes with making your own natural skincare products or do you prefer to let others take care of it?

So what it really comes down to is what works best for you in this season of life.

Hopefully these questions will help you figure this out and, chances are, you had a gut feeling that these questions helped confirm. Trust that.