Bus Sweet Bus: a Special Announcement & the Latest Bus Tour

Holy cow, we’ve been living in our bus for a year now. Where did the time go?

Bus Sweet Bus a Special Announcement & the Latest Bus Tour
I’ve been thinking lately about why I thought it would be great to move into a bus. I thought about travel … which we have yet to do. I thought about our dream to buy some land and build a little house while we live in the bus … which we have yet to do.

And then I realized something. As much as I want to travel and build a little homestead, I mostly just wanted to move into a bus because I wanted to know what it was like.

I wanted to know if I truly could be content with few possessions. I wanted to know if it would bring our family closer together. I wanted to know if it would propel me to spend more time outside.

The answer, I’ve found, is yes.

I love having little to keep clean and I love that I love the things I do own. It doesn’t take much to make me happy now.

A hot cup of coffee in my mug, which I carefully selected. My new sheets, which make me smile every time I go to bed (be sure to enter the giveaway before it’s over). My TARDIS tea infuser which makes me think of Doctor Who every time I use it.

Of course, there is so much more time for relationships. With my husband. With the kids. With friends and family.

And as for spending more time outside? As soon as it was warm enough for me to spend more than ten minutes outside without freezing, I couldn’t wait to get out and walk and enjoy our beautiful view. I’ve even managed to not kill our garden … yet. It helps to have a “water the plants” timer that goes off every day.

Which brings me to an announcement … we might be moving out of the bus.

My husband just accepted a full-time job at the local ambulance station, which he’s been working at part-time since we started the bus adventure. After much prayer and discussion, we decided it would be a good move for us.

We love the area we live in and the relationships that have strengthened since we started this bus adventure and we don’t want to leave.

Because, as I also realized recently, my definition of success is having high quality relationships in my life. And I’ve become very successful.

So we’re looking for a place within five minutes of the station. If we live that close, my husband can sleep at home on the nights he’s working. And, as much as I love where we’re parked way out in the country, I’d much rather have my husband home at night.

For now, we’re on the lookout for a place to park the bus that’s near enough or somewhere with RV parking so we can open our bus up to guests. I’m not sure which one I want more, but I think either will be great.

I’ll keep you posted on what we find.

Latest Bus Tour

Want to see what’s been done in the bus lately? I shot a video for you yesterday. Enjoy!

Update: a few of you have asked for links to things I mentioned in the video, so here they are:

Have a great weekend!


  1. says

    Wow! Big News! Still hoping (cheekily) for a new hair washing post – ever since I first discovered you via your podcast with Tsh….I haven’t washed my hair since!! Hope your search brings just the right place(s) for you and your bus!

  2. says

    Wow, that is big news! I love that you’ve realized what you wanted out of the bus though, and know that there’s nothing wrong with moving on too. I’m excited to see what’s in store for you! Thank you for sharing your journey.

  3. says

    I love your bus! I live in one too with my three kids. We really love it. I love the idea of using it as a guest house in the future though! What a great idea. I wish I had kept a better blog, but sadly I’ve come to realize that I pretty much loathe writing. We have lived in our bus over a year and I haven’t updated the blog with some of the amazing changes we’ve made. Maybe I should do another video. Anyhow, you can see what little there is at http://2cool4skoolie.com

  4. says

    So cool! My husband and I agree that a short commute is the best thing for our family. Such a huge quality-of-life factor. Good luck with the hunt!

  5. Jennifer McKinney says

    How much did it cost for you to remodel the bus? We are thinking of going this direction and I remembered your blog! Thanks for any links if you have previously posted cost.

  6. says

    What a blessing that you were able to realize your dream and that God has used this experience to draw you closer to Him and to your family. I am sure that you will continue to bless us all with your wisdom in living simply and with glory to God whether you’re in a home or your beautiful bus. Perhaps you can keep the bus and finally do some travelling in it via family vacations! xo

  7. Bri says

    How did you run the plumbing in the bus for the shower, sink and toilet? How do you get hot water?
    It looks amazing!! If you can fit your family in this bus then we can certainly fit our family of 4 into something similar :) Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. Lynn Thompson says

    If you decide to sell the bus, please let me know. I’ve always wanted one-I watched the Partridge Family on TV when I was a teenager and wanted a colored one like theirs!

  9. Brigid says

    We are a family of 5 and are looking to move into a bus. Our reasons are economical and at this moment in time it seems like the right move for us. If you haven’t sold your beautiful bus please let me know. I love the white and how bright it is and my kids love your kids “rooms”.

  10. says

    I love the work you guys have done on your bus! We are in the process of getting ours to start fully renovating it as well. I was hoping you could answer a question I had on insurance. Did you guys insure your bus for traveling, and who did you use? I have a few agents looking for me, but I am finding it hard to find insurance unless we get it professionally converted. Something about it being a school bus/transit bus is where I Am running into issues. Thanks so much and love your blog!

  11. says

    We just managed to get insurance on it for traveling. We went through Good Sam and they had to send it to underwriting to even get us a quote.

  12. says

    I found an independent insurance agent here in Texas and he got us a commercial policy through progressive..ouch$$! But it was enough to get the bus home! Just got it registered as a truck Bc it’s bare bones inside..but once we are done we can register it as a motor home. Maybe I can find cheaper insurance now! Lol


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