You want your home to be a safe haven.

A place where you don’t have to wonder if what you’re inhaling or rubbing on your skin is safe. A place where you don’t have to worry about your kids accidentally ingesting something toxic.

A place where you can breathe easy – literally.

The thing is, as you read this, there are about 700 chemicals coursing through your body, many of which likely came from the cleaning supplies and personal care products that line store shelves.

Seven. Hundred. How is that even remotely ok? These chemicals disrupt hormones, cause cancer and create a whole host of problems not only for people, but animals and the environment as well.

Needless to say, you know you want to live a more a natural, non-toxic lifestyle.

But where do you start?

If you search for natural living tips, you’ll find thousands of results, many of which are overwhelming and way too complicated for what you need.

What if you started with the basics?

When you become a member of the Tiny Apothecary community, you’ll master the basics of natural living (and learn some more advanced tricks, too).

Here you’ll find the natural living know-how you’re after – minus all the fluff.

At Tiny Apothecary, we believe in standing out and not settling. We do that through living simply and intentionally, through questioning the status quo and living in alignment with our values.

We also believe in mastering the basics. Once you know those, then you can graduate to more advanced things like lavender kombucha and herb-infused bar soap.

Until then, we’ll help you get comfortable with the essentials, like homemade yogurt and a simple herbal salve.

Not only will you feel at ease with the transition to natural living, you’ll feel confident in your ability to eventually take things a bit further.

“You and your website were my first exposure to natural living and your practical way of describing things made it easy to make the natural living leap. Thanks a million!”

So what will you learn?

Natural living can be broken down into a few different categories and we touch on them all:

Food: Natural living (and good health) starts with real food. There are countless harmful ingredients found in much of the “food” found in stores. It’s pretty gross, actually. You’ll learn how to make the switch to real food in a way your family will love. You definitely won’t find your husband sneaking a bowl of ice cream in the bathroom because there are no goodies in the house. Maybe if he’s hiding from the kids, though …

Plant-based remedies: Herbs and essential oils to be exact. We love our natural remedies and use them as the first line of defense against all the things. You’ll learn the basics of using plants for wellness and, if you want, make your own natural remedies. Nothing beats the feeling of pulling out a salve you made – and seeing that it actually works.

Non-toxic living: Think cleaning and personal care products. Also, removing other harmful things from your home and living in a more sustainable way. The bonus? You’ll save some serious money in the process.

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Just what is natural living anyway?

Learn all about the basics and take the leap into natural living.

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“As I read your words, I felt like I was listening to a friend…one that thinks like I do, and understands my life. I have always been a “simplify” kind of girl, but feel so overwhelmed at times. I love your approach to simplify life and taking the hard things back to the basics.”

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