You’re here because you want more from life than what you’ve been sold by the status quo.

Maybe you realized you needed to save money (my journey started with the decision to get out of debt) or you got tired of feeling sick all the time.

Perhaps you’re tired of being driven crazy by the clutter in your house.

Or you just want to find another sorta witchy mom who GETS you.

Whatever the case, welcome to Tiny Apothecary.

My name is Nina and I believe in challenging the status quo.

It all started when I was born – I decided that a planned C-section was not okay, I would come on my own time, thank you. (I am THAT Leo.)

I tried going along with it for a while, I really did. Years of being bullied in school for standing out made me give the whole “being normal” thing a shot.

But I was miserable. I’ve always been marching to the beat of my own drum and that’s where I thrive.

So I took a small step and decided to get out of debt.

And then fell down a freaking rabbit hole:

  • I got rid of most of my stuff.
  • I started healing my body naturally with plant-based remedies (I was ALWAYS sick).
  • I started making everything from scratch and fell in love with the zero-waste lifestyle.
  • I lived in a renovated school bus for a year.
  • I started changing my mindset and did a shitload of work on my belief systems.
  • I started dressing in a way that felt great to me.
  • I gained a lot of self-confidence. (Too much, depending on who you ask. I disagree.)
  • I completely transformed my body.
  • Oh, and I got out of debt.

Did I mention that this was with four children and a reluctant husband in tow?

Who I am now is a far cry from who I was when I started this journey 12 years ago. Thank. Goodness.

My transformation started with simple living – and yours can, too.


So what will you find here? I’m so glad you asked.

Simplifying and cutting the bullshit.

The stuff you get should put you closer to your values. If you value connection, for instance, it makes sense to have things for entertaining, a cozy house, etc.

Get rid of the stuff that keeps you from living in line with your values.

While you’re at it, we’ll talk about getting your finances in order – it’ll make you so much happier.

Reclaiming your connection with nature.

Stepping into the wise woman role. (Does that give you goosebumps, too?)

Knowing how to take care of yourself and your family intuitively is a really great feeling.

We get there by learning – a lot. That wisdom is a great foundation for developing your intuition.

Owning your awesomeness.

Remember that you are an amazing creature. Own. It.

Dress in a way that feels good. Take care of your body. Move. Get strong.

Trust me – it feels amazing. (Also, it’s fun when you can deadpan to your husband that you can deadlift more than his bodyweight when he’s being an asshat).

Tiny Apothecary is about more than just getting rid of stuff and learning how to use essential oils.

It’s about transforming yourself into the person you’ve always wanted to be.

“As I read your words, I felt like I was listening to a friend…one that thinks like I do, and understands my life. I have always been a “simplify” kind of girl, but feel so overwhelmed at times. I love your approach to simplify life and taking the hard things back to the basics.”